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What pisses us bloggers off?

Tuesday, January 31, 2012 /


1) You expect a space on our blog featuring your brand but you don't even read our blogs.

"Oh.... So, what do you usually blog about?"

You know, if we're that insignificant, then why invite us to your event in the first place?

2) When you send us small SAMPLE sized products to review.

Seriously, are you trying to say that we are not worthy of a normal sized bottle of your product? Why so stingy?

3) When you ask us....
"So.... When do you think you'll be able to post about our product up on your blog?"

I know you've got KPIs to meet, but you need to realise that we aren't paid to blog about you. Like it or not, we'll post only when we have the free time and only if you give us a reason too. (Not all bloggers are full time bloggers ok. 99% of us are either schooling or working. We need to pay the morgage too.)

4) If you expect us to blog for free AND expect us to pay for your product so that I can blog about it. Sigh..... There was an incident that I encountered where I was OFFERED to do a review of a gadget but yet I was supposed to pay a sum of money first to pay for it. Once I return the product after a week, then I'll get my money back. Why should we pay to do write about you? No names mentioned. I was really pissed the other time actually. I don't understand why other bloggers would agree to such ridiculous terms and conditions. 

5) When you conduct blogging contests/make us "ambassadors" so that you can get free publicity from us but at the end of the day, you make us feel like you've "used" us.

There are so many brands out there doing this now, it's so annoying. Sure, this might be an effective way to increase awareness and buzz about your brand. There are ways to avoid making us feel like we're being used. Eg: building relationships with bloggers, read our blogs, show us that you're really interested to collaborate with us, incentives, don't make the mistakes I mentioned in this post.

As bloggers we'd like to be appreciated and be treated with respect. It's not easy to mantain a blog.
Try doing it yourself!

So bloggers, anymore you wanna add to the list? 
Leave a comment! :)
dblchin (double chin) said...

And to those chee bye PR companies, please don't address us as 'Dear bloggers'

It will go straight to my junk mail.

dori_lukey said...

I usually ignore brands like this. There's no need to be kind to people who doesn't give shit about your blog and just want benefits from it. Totally not worth it. Ask them to go traditional media and advertise using tactics like this and see what they get