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Things that you should buy at Daiso

Monday, January 23, 2012 / ,


I love Daiso. I get cheap stuff at $2 and most of the time it's pretty useful. I'll update this page every now and then when I get a good buy! :) 


You can laugh at me. I'm not a music junkie so I don't see the point investing in "good" headphones. As long as the earpiece works well, it's good enough!

Mini tripod.
Camwhore and put this thing to good use. 

Until next time ~~ 

~* J a S said...

I love shopping at Daiso too! Sometime, can almost find anything there

Soh Hong Wei said...

I recommend their tibits. The red packet, corn one. =P

RynaQUE said...

@Jas ME TOO. But some things aren't worth it like drawing block and pens

@Hong Wei Yessss i knowwwww i the caramel one right. Zomg

Raf Omgsianz said...

haha i love daiso too, didn't know they had THESE.. i'm gonna go and get exactly these two items lol SO CHEAP $2 earphones!!! and yeah the caramel corn is crazy gooood...

Felicity Joy said...

Most of the things in Daiso are definitely worth the price paid! They should open more outlets though!