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QReviews: A Singapore Love Story by Low Kwa Hwa

Friday, January 13, 2012 / , , , , ,


Being a 19 year old teenager (Haven't hit my big two zero!! Hehe), I believe that when 2 people fall in love, money, background and status isn't an issue. Well, at least for now.

A Singapore Love Story, the 10th novel written by a Singaporean novelist is about 2 individuals who come of different backgrounds falling in love. The girl comes from an upper class family. The boy, was a typical ah beng. The kind who didn't study hard, the kind our mums wouldn't approve of. I was honestly expecting a cliche happy ending at the end, (well, that's what I hoped for actually) but it wasn't anything like that. I'm sure some of you might find this story relatable somehow.

It's easy to start a relationship with someone, but it's not easy to mantain it. In a place like Singapore where the cost of living is very high, you and I both know that a mere 4 lettered word itself is not enough to sustain a relationship in the long run. It's a great book with an unexpected twist of fate. If you're a dreamer, like me, you might want to read this book so that you'll be able to remind yourself of the harsh reality of life. 

Amazing story! Get ready to be tricked :P
 A Singapore Love Story by Low Kay Hwa retails at $17.90 and is available at the usual book stores! MPH, Kinokuniya, Times and Popular.  :)