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Oh, the usual question. "Would you blog for me for FREE?"

Sunday, January 8, 2012 / , ,


I get this question alot. Everytime I get this question, I feel like stabbing myself.
*Stabs chest*
Honestly, it really depends on the brand/product/event itself. As much as the main purpose of this blog is not for monetary gain, I spend alot of time on this blog writing each blogpost, playing around with HTML codes for the blog layout, editing pictures, planning and managing content. If you're talking about promoting an upcoming event/your blogshop/portal, most probably you'd have to pay for an advertorial on my blog. (Mode of advertisements HERE) I spend alot of time on this blog. This includes writing, taking photos, editing pictures, planning and managing content, i hope you don't expect me to have an ad space. Anyway, small bloggers like me don't earn much. 

This website  is just a small space in the world wide web i can call my own.That being said, if you invite me to your event/send me your products and I really like it, i'll probably do a review / share it on my blog for my readers. Yes, I'm talking about free coverage here. But take note that as long as I'm not paid, I'm still not obliged to write about it. :) 

So there you go. If you like my style and you're up for collaborations, you know where to find me.