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Mcdonalds brings joy to the elderly!

Friday, January 27, 2012 / , , , ,



Eating at Mcdonalds ALWAYS brings a smile to our faces. 

Please. Don't pretend. 

Are you sure you don't feel happy when you go to McDonalds? 

*dangles coupon in your face* 
Buy one get one~~~ 


Anyway, the yummy burger is not the main point of this entry.

McDonald's hosted 38 seniors from the Lion Befrienders Service Association last week for a Chinese New Year dinner and I decided that instead of going home after work, it'll be good if I attended the event because it's for a good cause. I don't actually celebrate Chinese New Year so I thought it would be a good experience to spend the evening with the seniors. 

I tried mingling around with the seniors with the limited vocab I picked up while watching chinese dramas. Doesn't she look really happy? 

The highlight of my evening.  

This uncle took out his handphone and asked me to come nearer to him so that he could take a picture of me. I was so shyyyyy. And then, he asked if he could take a picture with me. So above is a photo of him and me using my camera.

He said that people with a broad nose (yes, like mine) would have alot of luck. Hmmmm.....

He called me "sayang" which means love in malay and hugged and kissed me before saying goodbye! Haha Wow, that was quite a night. Bf said it might be because I like to go for older guys. Hahahaha right! 
> ___<""

Have you seen how big Ronald's shoes are? My goodness! 

Look at how happy they all look! 

After the seniors left, we had our dinner. 

Look at those fries! 

Anyway, you might be thinking......

"Why is this blogger giving Mcdonalds free publicity? This CNY thing is probably a one off thing to look good. PR lor. Last year kena slammed about not having curry!"

Well, let me share with you my experience with Mcdonalds. 

3 years ago, in my first year of Polytechnic education, I had this module that required us to do some community involvement work. Thing is, we were given the freedom to contact, plan and liaise with any communities. The kampong being the kampong, we wanted to do something.... much more fun. Something meaningful. So we contacted Darul Ihsan and volunteered to plan an outing for the 15 underprivileged kids. We did all the planning but one thing we were lacking was... the funds for food. 

So my group made wrote an email to McDonalds and asked if they were interested to be our sponsor. It was just a small outing. We planned all sorts of games for them! 

15 kids aged 9 to 12
5 of us to be facilitators. 
Venue: Botanic Gardens

 I was really skeptical that Mcdonalds would even reply us. I mean, why would they even bother. We were just a bunch of poly kids, but to our surprise, McDonalds actually AGREED to sponsor the kids food. We were extremely happy and thankful! Think about it this way. Mcdonalds knew that they probably wouldn't get anything in return for the sponsorship but they still did it for the kids. All of us were very touched by their kindness. Actually, we still are. I would love to post the photos of the outing but we weren't given permission to share photos of the kids online by Darul Ihsan. But rest assured, they were all VERY HAPPY. :) 

Once again, thank you Mcdonalds. 

Thank you for inviting the old folks and us bloggers to be part of your Chinese New Year dinner. Thank you for also sponsoring our outing's lunch for the Darul Ihsan kids 3 years ago. 


PS://Have you tried the Prosperity burger?