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Sunday, January 29, 2012 / ,

Today, I question the value of our friendship.

 I have friends but i don't befriend douchebags. I think i've been fairly nice and tolerant towards you. I tolerated your hurtful and insensitive jokes. I tolerated your rants about your obsession with bikes. Do you how it's like to listen you boasting about the girls you're dating/have dated? *yawns* That's all you talk about. Bikes and girls. It gets really annoying at times.

Until today, it hit me. Why are we even friends? Remember how you would boast about how you and your friends left girls on the expressway, one even at the zoo. Way to go dougebag! The fact that you actually told several people actually shows how proud you were of doing such things. A person who felt guilty, would keep such things to himself. It's disappointing to know that someone i called "A friend" would do such thing to a few girls. You told me those girls "deserved" to be treated like that because they cheated on your friend, made use of your friend yada yada yada. Seriously? Who are you? God? Who are you to decide how a person should be punished for his/her wrongdoings?

What you did simply reflects poorly on your character. You look down on so many people, thinking you're "much better than them".

This friendship is pointless.

Beth said...

Good for you! I find that it's productive to analyze friendships at least once a year - if you end up keeping all your friends, then great, if not then you removed some toxicity from your life.

RynaQUE said...

@Beth: I so agree with you! <3