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Girls, would you ever have the guts to propose to a guy?

Monday, January 2, 2012 / , , , , ,


Love is such a beautiful thing, don't you think? 

No, don't get me wrong. I'm not proposing to anyone. Just that I've been watching alot of videos about wedding proposals and I thought it would be nice to share it with you. It could probably give you more ideas on how to make your wedding proposal memorable. 

This man fell in love. Literally. I thought this idea is pretty simple and creative. ;)

 Dena Bahrin's proposal. This is probably one of the sweetest and the most unbelievable of the lot. Fine, it's only unavailable because I don't think Malay men are even romantic or gutsy to begin with. Sorry boys! I couldn't help but to tear after watching this. Read Dena's post here. ~

Well basically Dena and her partner haven't really met/gotten to know each other well. So he gave her a camera as a gift (Pretty smart! Cus the camera is actually one of the things on her wishlist according to her blog. LOL) So in the camera, were pictures of him with the proposal. 

This proposal was by Timothy Tiah, co founder of Nuffnang with Malaysian blogger Audrey fourfeetnine using internet memes. Read Audrey's post here :) ~~

It got so viral that the video was even up on Mashable! Crazy!

I'm sure you've watched this a long time ago, our blogger queen Xiaxue was also proposed in a romantic way ever. I was lucky to witness it with my own eyes too! (Okay, long story short, I used to be a Nuffnang Gliterrati + blogger. Shall not go into that.)

It was actually a movie screening and I got a tad annoyed because the movie didn't start on time. I was grumbling, "Man, when is this going to start?!" and suddenly some video appeared on the screen and the proposal happened. It was amazing. Really. :")

I think of all the proposals I've seen, this is really the most dramatic one. Her boyfriend really planned the whole proposal really well! Flash mob, the cheating drama etc. Wow.

And then I recently came across an article on stomp about a China girl proposing to her boyfriend.

A GIRL, yes. So.... Would you girls ever do this to your boyfriend? My first reaction when I read this article was, "Is she out of her mind?!!!". Hahahahaha, well it's sweet though. Let's see when the time comes when I'm old enough + have enough money, whether I'll have the guts to do the same. It would be interesting. I just hope I don't get turned down. :P

Well, before my boyfriend and I got together, he dropped hints that he liked me here and there but he was never straightforward about liking me. Even until now, he's STILL very shy with me. Cute!! :)

You know me, I don't like hints. I don't like guessing games. So one day, I just decided to be honest about it. I asked him to be my boyfriend...... Via Whatsapp. You know, via the emoticons? Hahahahaha YES, I KNOW RIGHT. Fine, it might seem really shameless to you, but it was really sweet for the both of us. Cus after he agreed I told him, "No, do it again. This time, you ask me!" and he did. You could say that our relationship isn't very "typical", but it's the little details like this that makes it all worthwhile.

Anyway, bf's birthday is this month. Hopefully I can plan something sweet for him. Have any ideas? Feel free to share it via the comment box below!