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Do you really want "SNOW" on your head?

Sunday, January 22, 2012 / , , ,



So... In December, we had the Christmas season... You get to see pretty lights everywhere... 

And also, lots of SNOW.


That's not snow.... It's DANDRUFF. 

Can you see that white stuff on my brother's head? It's not that obvious in the photo but I promise you, it's extremely obvious in real life especially when you wear a black top! 

Want a more obvious picture? 

Credits: Techvark

Back in primary and secondary school, I used to have very bad dandruff. SO BAD that my scalp bled rather frequently. It's a gross sight, I swear. I felt really shitty everytime someone tells me, 
"Eh, there's some white thing in your hair!". 

Especially because I'm one of the shortest in class, that also meant that my dandruff was the most obvious and visible to EVERYBODY. Thing is for me, it's my habit to shampoo my hair every morning. So after I bathe, I'll have to go to school and I normally do not have the time to towel dry my hair before tying it up. Especially since in primary school and secondary school, we girls are not allowed to let down our hair, so I had no choice but to tie my hair eventhough it was wet. Now, because I'm in poly, I normally let my hair down and I'll normally just bun it up when it's dry. :) 

For me, I do not bathe with warm water. Cold water lessens scalp irritation as compared to cold water. Also, you should NEVER sleep with your hair wet. When you're conditioning your hair, make sure the conditioner doesn't drop onto your scalp. Shampoo is mainly meant for your scalp. That is why, even if you're bald, you SHOULD shampoo your head. Botaks, please take note. Conditioner is more for hair care. Also, dandruff develops when you don't wash your shampoo off your head properly. If you've been feeling stressed and have not been sleeping well you might also develop sudden dandruff. If you don't do all these and yet STILL have dandruff, then maybe.... You haven't been bathing enough. Please bathe and shampoo your hair!!  :)

And if you have dandruff please don't use ANY KIND of shampoo. There are SPECIAL shampoos for dandruff like...

Clear anti dandruff shampoo! 

(Left, for men and right, for women. :) 

What Clear does? 

•Builds the scalp’s natural defence to fight against dandruff-­‐causing factors
•Penetrates three layers deep into the scalp to repair the scalp’s natural barrier
•Eliminates and clears dandruff from the scalp surface

I tried these 2 versions and I personally love the Ice Cool Menthol version. After massaging your scalp with this shampoo, it really feels shiok! :)

Women’s shampoos:
$9.40 for 350ml,
$14.30 for 700ml

I also tried the men's version on my brother. He has ALOT of dandruff, it's gross. 

Men’s shampoos:
$10.30 for 350ml,
$15.70 for 700ml

And he too prefers the menthol version because of the shiok feeling after that. It's minty and it really feels therapeutic! You'll feel really fresh after that. No kidding.

For me there was improvement and I had less dandruff in the span of a week, however for my brother, his dandruff didn't really improve much. I guess this product works differently for diferent people. Nevertheless,
I would still recommend this product to you if you're having any dandruff! :)

Clear can be found at most major supermakets.

Beth said...

Oh my gosh, that dandruff picture. What has been seen can't be unseen!

RynaQUE said...

I know right. So gross looking. Haha i chose the grossest one i could find actually :P

Alan steve said...

I have dandruff. Would definitely try out and hope for better results. it was very useful to get me a better solution for my dandruff problem.
Nice article.
Thanks for your suggestion!!