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AM + PM All day no shine sebum balancer and Naruko's Tea Tree Oil!

Thursday, January 19, 2012 / , , , , , ,


A few weeks ago, Naruko sent me 2 products to try. They first asked me how my skin condition is like. Well, I told them honestly. My skin is oily and pimply. Quite disgusting right? What to do.... :( 

I was sent the All day no shine sebum balancer product from the brand am + pm skincare and the Tea tree oil from the brand Naruko. 

My boss saw this product on my table and said that she has heard good reviews about the product! :) 

am + pm skincare 
All day no shine sebum balancer 

This is how oily my skin is by 1pm everyday. Everyday I'll reach work by 9.15 am with make up on and in 4 hours, my make up will look as if it's "gone" because of my oily face. Anybody faces the same problem as me? 

After using the product, my skin appears less oily. (Still oily around the nose area but definitely not as oily as before. This photo was taken with the sebum balancer worn underneath my make up. 

This product is not only for oil control but also mosturising. However, just a word of caution. Don't use this product so much. Just a thin layer will do. :) 

Naruko Tea Tree Oil Out 

The solutions is a mixture of water and powder. It contains 2% salicylic acid and 0.025% sulphur which is effective against acne. Basically this product sucks out unnecessary oil to balance the skin's water oil levels. I normally use cotton pads to apply on my blemishes and pimples.

For me, after a few minutes, the product leaves a stinging menthol-like sensation on my skin. It has a minty smell which i like. ~

Btw, Naruko's new site will be launched tomorrow. You can buy Naruko products and earn points! 

Psst! Every dollar you spend is = to 1 reward point. 
And...... The points can be used for gift exchanges and also you can use it for selected items so that you get a discount.  

Another good deal ~~ 

And to celebrate the launch of the new website, NARUKO will be giving out 100 reward points for members. All you have to do is to go to their Facebook page and enter your account details. (Make sure you sign up for an account too!) 

Anyway if you're interested to take a look at their products, visit.....

Happy shopping girls! ~~