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Questions with the expert

Wednesday, December 28, 2011 /


I'm sure you've read my post about my trip to Prive clinic for the event. I also talked about how I actually dislike my nose alot. Haha - Here:  

So this time, I emailed the beautiful Dr Soh to ask her a few questions. I thought it would be interesting to interview her. A woman who's always motivated to look good and feel good is always worth featuring here. :) 

1. I've read about how you actually have went through a wide array of training from surgery, intensive care, obstetrics, gynaecology and anesthesia. What made you want to go into this field specifically in this aesthetic line? 

I’ve always been fond of the arts, and through my appreciation of all things beautiful, develop a good sense of proportion, and an intuition towards what is aesthetically appealing. And, I thought it will be great to utilise my training in various areas such as  anesthesia and intensive care, in a practice where I could combine my medical skills with my artistic endowments.

2. Many readers confide in me telling me about how insecure they are with their own looks. What about you Dr Soh? Were you ever insecure of how you look?

Sure, I have, like most ladies there are areas that I’m not entirely happy with. However for me it’s the sum of things that matters more than individual feature(s). In today’s relentless pursuit of perfection, many people forget that a few soft lines here and there, volume at strategic places and a great smile can actually add to your looks than diminish them. For me, I tend to gravitate towards a more natural look (meaning – a refreshed version of your original look), and I think that works much better for most people.

3. That being said here's a bonus question, have you ever "modified" your own looks? 

Ah… This is the million dollar question. The notion of modification defers from person to person. Plastic surgery and say, a pair of fake eyelashes can both modify the way you look. If you are asking about having aesthetic work done on myself, yes of course! I have tried out almost all of the treatments done in  PrivĂ©, but this is more for work (quality control). On a personal level, I go for regular laser treatments to even out my skin tone and minimise pores, I’ve done UltraShape treatments for slimming (I’ve 3 kids!), radio frequency treatments like ScarletRF for face firming and, Botox to relax some lines.

4. There are many girls out there who really want to do something about how they look ie go for fillers, botox etc but they're worried of what others might think of them. Any advice? 

My advice would be:

Firstly, don’t listen to naysayers. I think that when a person is confident, that is half the battle won. Beauty is confidence! If looking in the mirror undermines your confidence, I would say: take control. Your confidence will greatly improve if you deal with your insecurities and don’t let them hold you back. Doing something just for yourself is important (whether it is a pedicure or botox/fillers), it is a great act of self-respect and it makes you feel special. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Secondly, medical aesthetics has become really accessible, go seek unbiased professional advice(s). Get yourself assessed, and if you decide to go ahead, choose someone you are comfortable with. (P/S: Look at the person advising you and the people working in that clinic, this will be a really good gauge of how you might turn out looking.)

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 t: 6535 8684 f: 6532 6198
 e: contact@privĂ©

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Congratulations! You really deserve it!