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I'm a mummy blogger now! :P

Monday, December 12, 2011 / , , ,


While everybody else was dancing away at Zoukout, I spent my weekends at my cousin's place playing with my beloved niece and nephew. Been quite some time since I last met them since I'm now busy working. *Ahem*

Anyway, my cousin bought Kuih Lapis Nutella and it's not bad!!

If you're interested to try for yourself, here's the poster. :) 

I brought some masks from home for my cousin and aunt so that we could pamper ourselves :) 

Face mask and foot mask. 

For dinner, we went to try out the new kopitiam near my area. It's called Al Azhar and so far we tried the stuff below and taste wise, the food is pretty normal. Gonna come back another day to try the other stuff there. 

We also went to a wedding on the Sunday. So I brought my favourite kebaya to my cousin's place. :) 

I look like I'm strangling my niece. Fine, I'm not that good with kids. I'll carry her in a better way someday! :P 

Somehow, it makes me wonder whether I'll have kids of my own someday. Haha I'm still so young... No I'm not ready to be a mum!!