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I survived my first month of internship! So, it's pampering time!!

Monday, December 26, 2011 / , , ,

<Not a sponsored/paid post>

I keep reminding myself to update this space but it's been really hard. The moment i reach home, i'll be too tired to even face the laptop. I've worked so hard this year on this blog, (if you haven't noticed)  i can't just let it go to waste. I've been having internship for about a month now and I'm thankful for this opportunity. I have the nicest colleagues and bosses. So far, everything's going fine and i haven't gotten into trouble. (Choy!) 

Really counting on this internship to determine what i'll do after i graduate. I have 3 choices for now. 1 of them is an offer to work at an events management company. Someone has offered to groom me into an events planner. Sidetrack, i've also been offered to write for Waves magazine by Manisha which I probably am gonna take up next year since it's just a freelance thing. I am thankful for the offers. However,  I'll need to think carefully as it concerns my future. I've been doing too much thinking, my head hurts so let's save the thinking for another time!! T.T"

 Time to share with you a pampering session i had with my bestfriend at Bonafides, Centrepoint. She's been complaining about backaches and i stumbled upon a good offer on a fellow blogger's blog so I decided to book an appointment for 2 on the eve of Christmas! 1 person -$38, bring a friend and it'll cost you $60 altogether. 
Great deal right? 

I should have requested for a couple room so that we could have the massage in the same room together. (not that my bff and i are together or something. We're completely straight!) just that it's my first time and i felt really nervous man, I DIDN'T KNOW WHAT TO DO. 

The lady sent me to this room and she didn't tell me that i was supposed to take off my clothes. Haiya, i thought she would give me instructions but I was wrong. So.... Silly me just sat in 1 corner and used my iphone tweeting/fb-ing since i was alone in the room. #foreveralone i know. Then after 10 minutes, she checked back and was shocked to see me....... Fully clothed.

 LOL i told her that i didn't know what to do and we giggled. Hahahhahaha her vocab was pretty limited so she showed me the disposable underwear and said something, something "pi ku". And then i said, "ah... Panties?" and she nodded. Thank god i understand simple mandarin. Hahahhahha my chinese friends in secondary school thought me this,"Ni de pi ku hen da". 

Sorry, i don't know how exactly you write that in hanyu pin yin but that just means that "Your butt is very big". Hahahhahhaha sigh..... See what my friends have done to me. 

So yes, back to the massage. Despite her limited vocab, she still made an effort to converse with me and that's what I honestly like about the service. Most of the staff at Bonafides aren't english speaking. The masseusse is from China and she's been here for 10 years. You don't have to possess A plus english. As long as you make the effort to converse (and not keep quiet) + serve your customers with a smile, it's already good service. :) thank you Bonafides for the good service and shiok massage.

Here's the lucky lady who got to massage me. Ahahhahahahhahaa please, she's really lucky because other than my mum, no other lucky lady have seen me butt naked. :P 

Anyway, this was what we were served after the massage. It's called Ginko? I think. Tastes damn good and refreshing!

Anyway, Bonifides provides a wide range of service from massages, manicure, pedicure and even hair pampering services! 

Here's my bff and me after the session! We're thinking of going back again but this time for hair treatment but we're still surveying the different alternatives. My hair really needs some pampering!! 

Then after that we went to H&M to do some shopping. Haha bought some stuff, shall show you guys in another post! I bought mostly accessories. They don't sell UK 20-22 at H&M, so don't bother looking if you're my size. Even accesories wise, there isn't much variety. I'd choose to buy stuff from F21 any day but since I had a $100 gift card which i got from a blogger's event, might as well i make full use of it. 

Almost purchased this hat. But.... Haha nah... 

Bff is obsessed with cropped tops. LOL 

Here's a skater dress. 

I actually dislike this picture alot but I'm too lazy to take a new one. I hate how my smile doesn't seem genuine. Haiya. Need to remind self to smile sincerely. 

I thought this bag was not bad. Simple and eyecatching. 



Well anyway, it looks like I'm ending 2011 with a big bang this year. Quite excited because things are going very well for me. (And this blog!) <3 

Much loves, 

Dedrick Koh said...

You should have bought the hat!

And a cane!

I'd think twice before starting a career in Events Planning.

It is a demanding job and it can be quite brutal at times. Expect long and unusual working hours.

That's why there's always a high demand for event planners; because it's a tough job and there's a high turnover rate.

RynaQUE said...

Hi Dedrick!
How have you been? I don't think i look good with the hat. Hahahahaha anyway, it's H&M, I'll probably be able to get it cheaper from Bugis/Far east. Exactly, I'm still thinking about it. => Haha we'll see what will happen next. :P