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Friday, December 2, 2011 / , , , , , ,


Get ready for a long post FILLED WITH PICTURES. Sorry about the quality of photos. I will get myself a new camera when I have enough funds. Hahahaha :P

Outfit of The Day

Braid hairband:
Necklace: Thglitzy
Bag: Charles and Keith 
Wedges: Pedalworks 


2 weeks ago, I had a dinner with my friends at the Singapore Polytechnic Graduates Guild. It was sort of like last "get together" with the whole batch of final years students of SP's Diploma in Media and Communication before internship. I cannot believe that we're gonna graduate very, very soon. I've had the best time of my life here in SP. :)

Here are the girls in my class. I love each and every single one of them to bits. It's nice to wake up everyday knowing that your classmates are very nice people. We have our own cliques, nevertheless we get along equally well with each other.  :')

Yan Ting, Amanda Tan, Eunice, Michelle, Sandy, Shazana, Kasturi, Farah and Celest.

Check out my necklace! You like? Bought it from a blogshop for like $5 ONLY. ;) 

So.... People were using my phone to camwhore. Hahahaha!

We were bored, so we started playing a game Eunice suggested. 

Michelle and me. 

Bulb/SPACE director and me. Officially the sexiest guy of the whole cohort. Hahaha :)

Eunice sayang, Amanda Tan who dances and Celest who wants to be a radio dj.

Eunice and me. She's from Malaysia and I really like talking to her. We would talk in Malay just to annoy our classmates cus they won't be able to understand us! So fun!! I miss you already. :( <3

The boys in my class. Took this picture from Shazana's camera. Look at Dominic's eyes!! Quite freaky!! 

And, it was time to go home so we were taking photos.....

And the rest of them joined us!! KEPO AH!!! Lol :P

Here are the 3 lecturers who have played a big part of my life. 

Here's Ms Pam, my social media lecturer. She's currently the lecturer in charge for SP's Centre for Social Media. She's supportive of my passion, she knows what I want and most importantly, she never fails to believe in me. Thank you. :') 

Here's Ms Chong, my law lecturer. She's extremely supportive of my blog and I thank her for that. She's super nice eventhough I'm not a very good law student. Haha :P 

Here's Ms Trudy, the lecturer who taught me when I was in year 1. She has chocolates, potato chips and all kind of snacks in her room. I remember how my friends and I would ALWAYS go to her room, chit chat and grab some snacks. Hehe, thank you Ms Trudy. <3

Thank you everyone. Let's meet up soon for dinner. We'll plan something out soon ok? 

This song goes out to you. <3

Anonymous said...

Which blogshop did you get the necklace from? Tried finding it, no luck though.. By the way, good luck for your upcoming internship and projects! :)

RynaQUE said...

Thank you dear! I bought fro :)