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The difference between movies and real life.

Friday, December 23, 2011 / , ,

In real life, you don't always get a happy ending. –Jake Ryan

The ex boyfriend will end his bachelorhood in about 16 hours. It's hard to imagine someone you've ever loved getting married to someone else. About a month ago, he announced his engagement on Facebook, and now he's getting married. What's the rush, I wonder? I guess, they must be madly in love.

How does anyone know whether the person they're dating is "the one"? You don't know exactly for sure, don't you?

He's the oldest guy i've ever dated. It was amazing while it lasted. There's this 1 thing he'll keep reminding me everytime. "Put your parents/family first, then education, then friends and then boyfriend can be in the picture. Make sure you set your priorities right".

I guess I was abit too childish for him, he couldn't keep up? Also, Syahmi says I'm an emotionally distraught girl. Guess that explains why he left me for the other girl.... And he's marrying her tomorrow.

Haha well, suck it up. There's more to life other than relationships and falling in love. 
Merry Xmas everyone! 


Ps:// He still owes me money. Ya lah owe people money but can get married, buy for the girl ring everything. Men are so annoying wtf.