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Buffet at Bumbu Desa at Novena Square ~

Tuesday, December 6, 2011 / , , ,


I was actually looking forward to the buffet at Bumbu Desa for quite some time now. I loveee Indonesian food. You can read my previous entry that I wrote when I went to Kintamani Indonesian Restaurant at Furama for my birthday dinner HERE

So... This time my family and I tried Bumbu Desa for the first time. My mum bought a Groupon voucher at $23 per person for the buffet. 

When I saw the food, I was really shocked. Not a very pleasant surprise.
 Let me show you pictures of the food. 

How? Appetizing? Want to see more food? Sorry, that's all the food they had. 

For $23, we were definitely very dissapointed. Tastewise, food was pretty average, not much variety, presentation wise, I felt I was at a wedding. Just look at the pictures. Totally not worth the money we spent if you ask me. With almost the same amount of money or less, my family could have gone to Seoul Garden. I know it's not really right to compare the 2, but I really can't help it. Do you know that for the buffet, only plain water is included? I don't want to seem demanding or ridiculous, but for $23 I expected something better than this. Even Seoul Garden's buffet has Ice peach tea/F&N etc.  

Anyway, my family ordered this 2 Ala Carte. 

Begerdil. Nothing special. 

This is their "chendol". 

Nothing fantastic also. 

Overall, for me it would be the first and last time I try the buffet. I probably wouldn't want to eat there anymore.