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Why do bloggers get free stuff?

Thursday, November 24, 2011 / , , ,


"Why do you blog? Blogging is a waste of time". 

I get that often from alot of people. It's amazing how people have such ill perception of bloggers. They'll call us beggars. They'll say we're blogging for fame. They'll say we cannot be trusted. Really. Who says? 

In Singapore, we're always restricted by rules. I think by now you'd realise that some countries don't really like us because of the way the government runs the country. Oh, you know.... By implementing 100000000 laws like, no chewing gum, no drugs, no smoking at this and that places. Yeah, Singapore is THAT fine country. With that, the internet gives us all a voice. If you realise, the blogging culture in Singapore is very different from what you'll see in the west. An example will be that most western bloggers are more niche and they don't reveal so much personal information of their personal life online. In Singapore, majority blogs are lifestyle blogs. Bloggers who write anything under the sun. About school, relationships, food etc. The list is endless. We see the internet as a platform we can seek solace in. When we're angry, sad, disappointed, when we just have something to rant, we'll do it online. 

Why do bloggers get free stuff? 

Well, firstly you need to understand that bloggers do not get paid when they do product reviews unless it states that "Advertorial". When you see the word "Sponsored", it means that the company provided the blogger the product for him to test/review. Still, not paid. When we're invited to an event, we are not obliged to write about it. Personally for me, it really depends whether I like the product. If I think it'll provide value for my readers, I would write about it. If the product is good, yes it will be featured on my blog. Most importantly, I'll keep it real. It's all about editorial integrity. You may not know this, but people who write for magazines also get to try out new products every now and then. If they're good, the product will be featured on the magazine. Isn't that the same concept like blogging? Except, magazine writers get paid by their publication. Bloggers.... I think we're the poorest people. Haha :P

Why do you think more PR companies are working hand in hand with us bloggers? It's cus our readers trust us because we're real. We state our opinions about a certain product based on our own opinions. 

This is in consumer trust. As compared to traditional media like TV, newspaper and radio, consumers trust the people they get to know online more. This includes people you get to know through Facebook, Twitter and even bloggers. 

(This survey isn't really that recent, can't seem to find anything recent.)

Why? Because when we befriend someone online, we know alot more about his/her life therefore we trust him/her more. It's all about building relationships online. 

There was a time I was out with my friend and she saw a Guess slipper at Tangs. A pretty simple looking pink one to be exact. I asked her why she wanted to buy it and she said, "Oh, I saw Tika Sherra wearing it and I think it looks nice". 

And I was like............ Uh... Yeah that was my reaction. 

I'm not sure if she minds me mentioning her on my blog but if you don't know her, she's this petite girl who is very sweet looking. I think she's a model too. I'd call her an internet sensation. I can name you other girls like Anna Chan and Paula Elizabeth who are pretty popular online. These girls aren't really bloggers, but I see them as Thought Leaders. Many girls look up to them because they're very pretty. I follow Anna on Twitter and girls are always asking her for beauty tips etc. It's quite interesting how they have such an influence online. 

Yes, that's shift of consumer trust for you. 

Bloggers are not beggars, we're just writers that can help you promote your brand. We're not famous but we are thought leaders. We don't blog for fame, we blog because we just like sharing the good stuff. If we get recognised because of our high readership then that's a bonus. 

Sidenote: Blogpost done for a school assignment.