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Top 5 traits women want in a man.

Thursday, November 3, 2011 / ,


You've read about the list of traits I'd want in my ideal man. Like what I've mentioned, I know the perfect man doesn't exist. If I wanted someone who's perfect, I'd get Ken the guy doll. Haha. We is, this blogpost will about the top 5 traits most women want in a men based on an article by the Men Health website. They surveyed more than 1000 American women aged 21 to 54 in two online polls. Let's see if what you, me and most women want kinda tally. Hmmmm...

5. Moral Integrity 
This includes having guts to to tell truth to a woman means that he'll probably be a good and decent partner in the long run. ZOMG WHY IS THIS NOT IN MY LIST. I'm sure we're all looking for someone with moral integrity, or else it just mean he's an asshole with no guts. Okay girls, don't forget to add this to your list. 

66% of the woman surveyed want this in a man. the other 34% probably likes the way he lies. 

4. Kindness
If he treats the people around him kindly, he'll most likely treat you well too. Interesting. 67% women surveyed want this in a man. Obviously falls in my list too. Well, to me this boils down to moral values. I think everyone should be kind to everyone else. They say kindness begets kindness. :) 

3. Dependability
3 out of 4 women look for a man who commits and follows through. He said he's going to bring you to Sentosa someday. Did he keep to his promise? When you're in trouble, can you count on him? If he's dependable, he definitely falls into the list of 75% women suveyed. Plus, we're women. As much as we want to be independent and strong, it's always nice to know there's always a superman you can count on. ;) 

2. Sense of humour
Apparently 77% of the women surveyed would like this in a man. S H I T. This means that majority of women want guys that can make them laugh. If this is true, then I'll have trouble finding this guy since there's so much demand for this kinda guys. Plus there aren't many funny guys. There's ALOT of lame guys instead. :(

More than 8 out of 10 women rated "faithful to me" in the top 10 attributes they find sexy in a man. Come on, we're all looking for someone who's faithful. Then again, it's hard to tell whether he IS faithful until you get into a relationship with the guy. Percentage: 84% The rest of the women who did not pick this attribute probably are relationship wreckers and are the sort who are not looking for a serious relationship. 

Cue Rihanna's Unfaithful. 

This is probably a very redundant post. The top 5 traits are obviously things we want in a guy. OH WELL. 

Credits: Men's Health