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Rantdom: Who is this famous Apit?

Friday, November 4, 2011 / , , ,


Cintaku dipermainkan, Luahan hati, Tembok derita, Memang khilafku, Kemana kau menghilangkan dirimu. 

If you're a Malay teenager or in your 20s (early and late) you've probably heard of these songs which was written by the malay boys under the void decks. I guess, the most prominent one you've heard of is... Apit? Rings a bell? I really wonder how his songs got so famous. Funny thing is, WHO IS THIS GUY? Have you ever wondered? Well, I have. 

If you've never heard of the songs, listen to this. One of my favourites :)

I heard he's from a local band named Baronbros but really, if I were to see him outside I wouldn't even know that he's the guy who sang all this really touching songs. 

I even tried looking for him on Facebook, but there's 16271911 Apits around. Uh.... 


This guy has so much potential and talent. Why isn't he a singer? Why isn't he performing for all the shows on Suria? Why do I have to watch people like Aliff Aziz on TV (eww...) and not people like him? Why isn't the mainstream media paying attention to people like him who has grown famous with the help of Youtube? Don't you find it interesting? 

It really makes me wonder. Well, it's just a random thought. 

If you like and his songs, LIKE  Baronbros on Facebook. :) 

Anonymous said...

Just for your information, Baronbros is a signed band/artist. Quite recent 2 - 3 years. But I guess their songs on the album weren't hit enough as it caters to only a selected few interest. (:

RynaQUE said...

Thank you for the information. Sheesh. So wasted. I LOVE THEIR SONGS!!

Anonymous said...

Hahah, you're the selected few that love their songs. Got to agree with you though, they had so much potential. By the way, did I mentioned I love your blog?

You're probably the first singapore plus size blogger and I've been lurking around overseas plus size bloggers like bonjourgazel, transientwithdrawal, fatshionable and all. (:

Keep it up!

I love to lurk at these two singaporean plus size blogger too, & (: You can check them out too and build the plus size blogger empire in Singapore. Hahaha. (:

- Anonymous Shy Girl.

RynaQUE said...

WHY ARE YOU ANONYMOUS?! Lol hello there. Thank you! I have a whole folder of bookmarked overseas plus size blogs which I love to look through to get inspirations. Yes, I actually added Gazel on Facebook and she's very nice. The bloggers you've listed down are so much more fashionable than i am. *Stabs chest* Thank YOU for the links of the 2 singapore blogs. I've been looking for plus size bloggers from Singapore for quite some time already! They're wayyyy fashionable then I am. My god. I need to learn from these two. Thanks once again! Made my day!! :D