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My first Diwali visiting!

Thursday, November 3, 2011 / , , ,


Last week, Kasturi invited us to her house for Diwali. For me it's my first time ever doing Diwali visiting so we weren't sure of what to wear. Since we didn't have any indian traditional costume, I suggested to Farah that we should wear our traditional costumes out of respect. Hahaha so... yes we went in our baju kurung. IT WAS REALLY WARM. 

Plus, how often do I get to wear my traditional costume? You know how proud I am of being a malay right? :P 

Actually turns out Kasturi didn't really mind if we wore normal clothes. I still think it won't be nice cus she dressed up when she tagged along for our Hari Raya visiting. 

You know, my friendship with Kasturi is really a very eye opening one. Since secondary school, I've always mixed around more with my Chinese friends, but I've never been close to anyone who's Indian. Mainly because there's also not many indians in my class? So when I got to know Kasturi, it's really interesting because I realised that the Malay and Indian culture has it's similarities. 

Maybe you know about this, but I recently found out that Indians also have their "kueh" for Diwali too and it's VERY SIMILAR to the ones we have for Hari Raya. 

Take this Muruku for example. I know this is an indian snack, but we malays love this too! Yes, even I have this for Hari Raya. :)

PINEAPPLE TARTS. Actually, I realised that even the Chinese have these for their CNY festivals. These are home made btw. :) 

Some kuih made of coconut. :)

Kasturi's newly painted wall. :) 


Homemade Briyani yo!! :P

Picture before the meal. :P 

I think the problem with Singapore is that eventhough we are a multi racial country, we don't often really get to know people of other races. Being acquaintance/"friends" and being good friends with someone of a different race is very different. Being good friends with someone of a different race will allow you to learn so much about the person's culture and religion. It's extremely interesting. :) 

I had a great time. Thank you Kasturi for inviting us over!