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Many banks SWEET TALK but only 1 is FRANK. Frank by OCBC is my choice!

Thursday, November 17, 2011 / , ,



The other day, OCBC launched their new Frank credit card and the opening of their  newest Frank by OCBC store at Vivocity. :)

Months ago I read about it on quite a few blogs like Jayley, so it was really cool to check it myself this time round. 

You and I, we teenagers believe in individuality, staying true to ourself and expressing ourself. So... OCBC came up with a new debit and credit card to cater to our needs. What's the difference you may ask? 

They've got more than 130 designs of cards for you to choose from. 

Check out the card designs here! :) 

Seriously damn pretty right? How often does a bank put in this much effort to understand you better and at the same time try their very best to cater to your needs? 

These 3 cards are the Designer series cards. 
These are the 2 card designs which I "shortlisted". What do you think? ;) 

Guess which one I chose in the end??? 

And FRANKLY, the Frank by OCBC store is definitely one of the coolest bank outlets ever.

Music: Blasting the top hits we youths love~
Design wise: Definitely very eyecatching from the outside. 
On the table? There's the iPad and the Mac for you to check out their website for more details. Seriously tech savvy and appeals to teens like me. 

& since the theme for the launch was "EXPRESS YOURSELF", the team from Wild Interactive actually set up a table with all these stuff for the bloggers to decorate their name badge. Cute or not? Definitely very interesting! 

So... This is mine! Simple and girly. :) 

Anyway, after the event, I decided to sign up for a Frank debit card! Quite happy actually cus it's the first ever card I signed up on my own without my parents next to me. HAR HAR HAR. Ya, laugh laugh. Tsk.

If you followed me on Twitter, you'd know that a few months ago my mum FINALLY opened up a joint POSB bank account for me. Finally, I don't have to depend on my dad to transfer money from his account to blogshops when I do online shopping. But the thing about that account, it's a JOINT account so my mum constantly checks the account. There was once, I went to buy myself a new pair of shoes and paid using nets, she called me about 5 minutes after that.

"Wah... Someone bought a new pair of shoes eh? "
"Eh... mama how do you know?!"
"Ya, I checked your account"...

Okay, that's not all. Whenever I withdraw my money from Bedok, Yishun, Woodlands, she can always check and she'll know my whereabouts. Haha, not that I'm doing things behind her back, but at this age, I'd like abit more privacy, so I've been toying with the idea of opening a new bank account. :)

So why did I choose to open up a Frank account
 instead of a regular POSB account?

1) Cool designs that appeal to me. ;)

2) No Initial deposit

3) No monthly fees if you're below 26

4) Short waiting time
(This is extremely true. I've been doing alot of observing and I realised that the OCBC Atm booth is normally empty as compared to POSB. The latter's queue is especially long on weekends!!)

5) You see, with a Frank account, OCBC allows us to take charge of our own money, set up saving and spending compartments and be honest to myself about the money I have in my bank.

Don't quite get the picture? Watch this video. :)

For their Frank Credit Card

If you pay your credit card bills on time for 6 consecutive months in the first year, you'll be rewarded with vouchers. Also, to help cultivate good payment habits, the FRANK programme offers customers free SMS alerts which will be sent to their mobile phones five days prior to their payment due date. (valid till June 2012) 

Anyway, I'm joining their contest on Facebook and I uploaded this picture of a cat I took at Batam. Not photoshop, nothing. If you think it's an awesome picture, please LIKE it on Facebook? HERE

If you're thinking of opening a new bank account, time for you to consider Frank by OCBC!! 

Log on to for more details. 
Or if you have any questions, tweet them your questions @frankbyocbc or write on their Facebook wall. That being said, don't forget to follow them on Twitter and Like them on Facebook! 

Famous Women in Business said...

Cardholders can exchange reward points for either cash rebates or vouchers. OCBC will give vouchers to those who pay their credit card bills on time for six months straight in the first year of their membership. It will also send customers free SMS alerts five days before payment is due. Not bad...