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Introducing my nephew Fawwaz and PILOT'S ERASABLE MARKERS!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011 / , , ,



Sometimes, I still cannot believe that I'm now an aunt. My bro and I are the youngest among all our cousins and now, both my closest cousins are married and have children of their own. It's amazing how time flies. 

Today, I'm going to introduce you to my dearest nephew Fawwaz. He's extremely curious, probably also explains why he's so smart for a 4 year old. :') 

Look at him concentrating. ~~ So cute!

So anyway..... The kind people from Pilot and Vibes Communication sent me a box of FriXion markers! 

Check out these amazing colours! 

Since there were so many, I asked my nephew to choose his favourite colours! 

He chose Red, Turqoise, Green, Brown and Yellow!

There you go! 

Check out this design my cousin drew. This is like her "signature". I remember when I was small, I'll ask her to decorate my notebook with these flowers. Good old times. :') 

The Frixion markers has 2 different shades of PINK, so my nephew asked, 

"Cik Ryna, why are there 2 pink colours?" 

So I taught him the difference between Fuschia Pink and Baby Pink. He remembers the difference and can now tell them apart. So proud of this little boy! 

Check this out. Erasing is so simple, really! 

I like how I now need not worry if I accidentally make a mistake while writing with markers because I have FriXion markers. Plus the colours are pretty so I really love them!! Actually, what's there to review right? Pilot has the best pens/markers since forever, so it's no surprise that these markers are top notch too. I've been using Pilot pens since I was in primary school. ;) 

AND YOU GUYS Check out this video! It's quite sweet. Also, it'll teach you how to use their app!

To make it simpler for you, well if you have a simple dedication for your boyfriend or girlfriend/someone special, all you have to do is check out this Facebook app HERE. Type in your message, make sure you have his address and the kind people from Pilot will be sending your secret letters to him/her for FREE!! 

What a sweet way of confessing your love for someone? ;) 

I already sent a note to my nephew. He's gonna receive the secret letter in a few day's time!