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Have you ever wondered how the world will be without murder?

Wednesday, November 23, 2011 / , , , ,


Have you ever thought what it would be like for the world to be free of murder? Honestly, it has never crossed my mind. Is it because in Singapore, with crime rates are low and there probably isn't many murder cases here and we take it for granted that Singapore is a pretty safe place to live in? Perhaps that could be the reason. 

A few weeks ago, I watched an old movie which was produced back in 2002, which is about 9 years ago and I was extremely impressed. I'm thought that I was not the sort of person who's interested in movies like this, but I was proven wrong. It's a fantastic movie! 

In the movie, there was a specialised police department called Precrime which arrests criminals based on imageries seen by the 3 psychic called “Precogs”. The imagery that they get apparently determines what will happen and not what you intend to do.  

Think, That’s so Raven

Here's Agatha, one of the Precogs.  The most talented of the 3. Without her, the whole system shuts down and even with the other 2 Precogs, the system wouldn't work. 

Using this new technology, the Precrime departments uses the imagery the Precogs get to piece clues together to prevent crime from happening. With the system in place, Precrime has managed to stop murders from being commited, the murderer gets caught and the citizens are safe. 

Also, in the movie, turning on and off the light, switching on the computer and say "wall" so that it's projected on the screen. Think Siri everyone. It's amazing how this movie was produced 9 years ago! Can you imagine coming home and all you have to do is say, "Door open". Technology's so advanced now that it has made us human beings so complacent and lazy. It does make our life so much easier though. Not complaining. :) 

It's amazing how Tom Cruise, who plays Captain John Anderton, kept 3D videos of his late son. I thought that part was extremely touching.

In the movie, there was also stuff like Targeted Advertising. In a session in school by a classmate, seems like this service will be coming to Singapore for interactive TV very soon. 

Did you know that Facebook has something like this too? It's called Instant Personalisation and it can be found under your Privacy Settings. Basically FB has worked with a few websites and based on your info on FB, they'll customer the content on the page for you. I normally do not click "enable instant personalisation on partner website". 
What do you think? Do you prefer ads which cater more to your interest? I would honestly be very interested too. It would also be a bonus if I could opt out of advertisements from services/brands which I'm not interested in. This would mean that I no longer have to see ads that do not cater to me. I always feel annoyed when some blogshop owner tags in in photos of clothes that obviously do not fit me. 

How do you think the future of Journalism will be? Do you think there'll still be newspapers? My team and I discussed this with the class and we think we'll go digital in perhaps 10 years. There'll no longer be newspapers but maybe electronic devices that will double up as e-newspapers. In fact, this is already available in some countries. Can you imagine the device updating itself when there's a breaking story? Well, that was what happened when Captain Anderton tried to escape from the Precrime team. Basically, he was apparently going to commit a murder so they had to hunt him down. According to Anderton, "Everybody runs". 

With Precrime, it eliminated the need of conventional detectives. It kept the nation safe from murder. But 1 thing still stands, it's a man-made system and there could be a flaw somewhere. Would you rather implement the system and keep the nation safe from murder? But at the same time, those people charge were charged for a crime they did not commit. Yet. Were they REALLY going to commit murder? This system might seem impossible for now, but wouldn't it be amazing if someone invented a system which could predict the next person who would commit suicide at the reservoirs? Once caught, send them for counselling and at least we're doing good. Food for thought! 

Sidenote: Blogpost done for a school assignment.