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Go go scooters at Marina Barrage! ~

Tuesday, November 29, 2011 / ,


Last Saturday, I went for a picnic with my friends at Marina Bay. Been quite some time since our last picnic actually. I LOVE PICNICS! Makes me so happy! 


1) There's so much food
2) You can spend quality time with your loved ones 
3) It beats watching a movie + shopping anytime. 


Here's us with our favourite items. 

I bought a kind of crackers from Jurong East interchange. It's actually spinach crackers! TASTES REALLY GOOD. Just that it's extremely fattening cus it's deep fried. :P 

Farah brought friend maggi noodles. Her mum cooked for us all! 

I am a water tank, so I bought 4 bottles of mineral water for myself. In the end, I only managed to drink 2! Haha #Fail. Yes, that's my umbrella. Got it from some Dorothy Perkins event actually. :) 

The picnic was done in conjunction with Haziq's birthday. He was the only boy and I think he felt awkward. What's new? Hehe :) 

We wanted to give Haziq a treat by letting him ride on the "GO GO SCOOTERS!". 

1 hour for $15 is ALOT of money. The price is quite steep actually. 

Him acting cool as usual. :P

AND IT RAINED VERY BADLY AGAIN. Actually the weather on Saturday was pretty bad. Somehow, mother nature couldn't decided whether she wanted it to be sunny or rainy... So.... HAHA 

And then it was our turn to get our GO GO SCOOTERS! 

LOOK AT THOSE CLOUDS. It rained again shortly after that. :( 

And we started playing lazy catching. :P

I looked extremely bad that day. Haha I was perspiring + it was raining every now and then. Goodness!

We all rented the Go Go Scooters for an hour but it felt as though it was too short. Oh well...

Then time to eat again. Hehe. 


Bought the thing from Giant a long time ago actually! 

We had a great time. Thank you girls + Haziq for an enjoyable time. ;) 


Roxanne said...

The fried maggie moodles look sooo good!


RynaQUE said...

It is really good!!