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#GIVEAWAY: 2 pairs of invites to Haagen Dazs, Journey of Indulgence!

Monday, November 21, 2011 / , , ,


Wah... I'm a super on blogger. Since this post is a pretty simple I decided to be efficient and do my blogging today. I deserve a round of applause please. Not forgetting flowers. KEKEKE 

Yesterday, I went for a ride on a disco stick. KIDDING.

I went to for Haagen Dazs' Journey of Indulgence ride on an open top bus from Esplanade through the Orchard area to enjoy the Christmas lighting! Today, I've got 2 pairs of invites to giveaway!! :D 
Details at the end of this post. 

What? Sit on bus and enjoy lighting only? 

No.... WHILE INDULGING IN HAAGEN DAZS ICE CREAM + GOURMET CHOCS + CHAMPAGNE (if you drink that is. Otherwise there's Pepsi and Evian mineral water :) 

Look at this dress, I look like I'm wearing a pyjamas. Looks as though I'm going to sleep. HAHAHA

At first I was kinda sad because it was pouring and we couldn't sit at the open top area. :(( 


Then after that, it wasn't raining anymore but the seats were wet. Seriously, I don't mind getting my ass wet because HOW OFTEN DO YOU GET TO SIT ON AN OPEN TOP BUS? It's an experience of a lifetime!! ;) 

Here's Farah dancing on the bus. HAHAHAHA :P 

Couple spoilt my photo. Oh well. 

Also, I was waving to random people on the street because I was just feeling extremely happy. People just stared or pretended they didn't see me. Only an indian family with kids smiled and WAVED BACK!! There's still hope for Singapore!! :D

Look at that pimple. I was contemplating of not putting this pic but the background is nice. HAIYA.

So many unglam photos today. 

I HAD A GREAT TIME!!! Thank you team Waddup and Haagen Dazs. Waddup is an events management company. You should LIKE there facebook page so that you stay updated of the coolest events. ;) 

Okay, how do you win this awesome invites? 

All you have to do is complete this tweet. 

"Dear @RynaQUE, I love Häagen Dazs ice cream because..." 

Contest closes TODAY at 6pm. Winner gets to choose which date + time slot. Either tomorrow, Wed or Thurs at 7, 8 or 9pm. Good luck!! :)

If you don't have Twitter, all you have to do is like my Facebook page, post the same line as your status except @mention my page and set the status to PUBLIC so that I can see it!

So far I have 15 entries so GOOD LUCK to everyone!

The other bloggers are doing the same giveaway too! SO JOIN MORE AND INCREASE YOUR CHANCES OF WINNING!! ;)

Missus Chewy

kuraire said...

Thanks for linking me up dear! :)

Beth said...

This looks like so much fun! I'm so jealous! :'(

Carrie said...

Thanks babe for sharing about the Haagen-Dazs giveaway from The Cambelles too! :) <3

The Cambelles

Anonymous said...


I would like to enquire where do you usually get your clothes! :D

RynaQUE said...

Hi! Check them out here.