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Child pageants; An eye opening experience at Batam ~~

Wednesday, December 7, 2011 / , , , , , ,


If you catched yesterday's episode of Get Rea! on Channel News Asia... I helped out for that episode!!! I was CNA's translator. Hahahahaha So... Yeah. In October, Mandy, the producer of Blogtv and Get Real contacted me to ask if I wanted to follow the crew to Batam for a shoot and be their translator. I wasn't sure at first than I thought about it and it's really a golden opportunity, so I asked my parents and they allowed me to go! 

It was my first time officially travelling alone without my parents. I was really so excited! I can't believe my parents allowed me to go for this trip. I guess, they're letting me fly like a bird now. Haha :) 

Mandy and I. 

I love Batam. Then again, the only reason I normally go there is just for a short getaway, so this time... It was for "work". Quite fun!! 

Left, Mr Soundman and right, Mr Cameraman. 


We went to Batam because there was a child pageant happening that day. Julia is 17, has currently stopped schooling to pursue her job as a model. She's currently managed by Silhoutte Models Batam.  To enter the model agency, normally the models are required to pay fees, but for Julia, she was offered a scholarship. Under this agency, she has modelling, catwalk, dancing classes and many more. 

In this picture, Julia is on the left. :) 

Heading to the house of the family whom we were interviewing. 

There's Julia! 

Her little sister is the one taking part in the beauty pageant on that day. 

 Her dress for the pageant. 

Process of making the costume. :) 

Shandry is Julia's little sister, the one taking part in the pageant.

The trophies, the sisters won during modelling contests etc. 

These were other girls who were competing for the pageant. 

Here's Shandry. In my opinion, the sisters' exotic look really plays an important role as it definitely makes them stand out from the rest of the girls! Their mum Jennifer is actually from Africa. Their dad used to work at the Indonesia Embassy in Africa. They fell in love and Jennifer followed her husband back to Indonesia. Life is really hard for them because their dad found it very hard to get a job there. The family has been depending on the money Julia earns from modelling for about 3 years or now. 

Check out the other contestants here. They were all super gorgeous! :) 

The kids anxiously waiting for results... 

Shandry won best catwalk! We're really proud of her. I have to admit that when it comes to catwalk, Shandry was poised, elegant and definitely confident. At first, she was actually very shy with us. She was quiet and didn't look at our camera much, but when she was on stage. She glowed, her confidence and personality shined through. :) 

I was extremely tired after the whole event. Look at that face! Haha :) 

It definitely was an eye opening experience for me. For these girls, modelling is not just a regular job. It's a responsibility they have to cope with. It gives regular gives these girls hopes. I think another person that should be mentioned in this post is Ms Silvia Hilda. She gave these girls a chance to pursue their dreams. It's really touching when you see these girls going up stage, doing their thing and making their parents very proud of them. :) 

And after that... off to dinner with one of the staff from the model agency. She gave us a treat! Thank you!

Lol I can't remember what's the name of this but it's super nice! 

Rice all rolled up! 

The crew and I were damn hungry by the time the event ended. We had the last ferry to catch too or else we won't be able to go home! LOL 

Anyway, here are some photos of Julia! You never know, maybe if you photographers are looking for an Indonesian for a shoot, maybe you could work with Julia? :D

*Nosebleed!!* She's extremely hot ~~

Thank you Mandy and Channel News Asia for the opportunity. :)

I really hope things will get better for Julia's family.

Dedrick Koh said...

I saw that episode. I didn't know you were involved!

I'm glad you were though. It's a great opportunity for you and I'm happy to hear that your parents let you go.

The food looks yummy...I feel hungry just looking at it....