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Friday, November 25, 2011 / , ,


Wow. It's been so fast. Just a few more days and we're all going our separate ways. 
It rhymes too! ^^ 

It's been an amazing 3 years (well, almost). I've never regretted choosing SP. Well, I guess the only downside for me is that it's really far from my house. Well, I know alot of students who don't exactly live very near school too and during these 3 years, I've explored the west side of Singapore quite abit too. :) 

Shazana, Sandy, Farah, Kasturi and me. 

We're all very different and we'll be doing our internship for 3 months. 

Shazana's going to a PR company. 
Sandy's going to intern for our school's Corp Comms. 
Farah's going into radio production from the school radio and 987fm. 
Kasturi's doing video production at a production house which does shows for Vasantham. 
Me? I'll be going into digital marketing. 

5 individuals, different personalities and interest. 

I'll always remember the times the whole class bullies Kuin. This annoying guy in the picture. He's extremely nice and is always late for class. Ha ha ha. :) 

I'm honestly quite glad that my group of friends aren't the kind that I thought they would be. You know, back in secondary school, people always told me that the girls from the media/mass comm courses are normally very atas, arrogant, bitchy, fake etc. 

My friends, they're really down to earth people and I love them to death. :') 

Shazana, the one who's very vain when it comes to her hair. All she talks about is getting married, having babies and her boyfriend. Hehehe :P 

Farah who's extremely reliable. I don't think she liked me very much at first HAHAHA. She's the one I always can count on and it's just so nice to have someone you can always talk to and relate to most of the time.  :') 

Me. Who obviously is round like a Humpty Dumty. I'm extremely annoying and forgetful. Other than that, I'm QUEEN OF BARGAINING. ;) 

Here's Sandy, the richest of us all. She goes shopping alone and shops alot. Also, she has all the very interesting accessories.

Here's Kasturi, the one who falls asleep in class. She's so small and tiny yet always complains of being fat. She also has the longest hair ever. HAHAHAHAHA 

I'll miss you girls. Dinner after the first week of internship ON? :)