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5 New hairdos YOU and I can achieve! (SUPER EASY AND FUSS FREE TOO)

Saturday, November 5, 2011 / , ,

<This post is not sponsored or compensated in any way.> 


After getting bangs, I got ALOT of compliments saying that it makes me look so much cuter. Which only means 1 thing. If it makes me cuter, then it means that I'M CUTE! Hehehehe I know, I know. Like teddy bear cute right? My niece fell asleep on my tummy yesterday. I'm not only cute, but my fats are very comfy to rest on too. HAHAHAHAHA


To be honest, it's EXTREMELY HOT with bangs. I used to have bangs when I was a small kid just like the other girls, but ever since I grew up I've never had bangs. Err.... My exbf said it makes me look rounder. HAHAHAHAHA (Don't ask me why we are still in contact. It's extremely complicated.) I think it gives anyone the act cute and decent look. 

HOW? Rounder than usual? :P

Okay fine, I'm lying to you. These are actually fake bangs. 
It's a WIG. :P 

Product I used to achieve this Hairdo:
Tutu bangs with Top Skin 

Price: $22.90 

Check out this cool braid I made.


Okay fine. This is fake too. :P 

Product I used to achieve this hairdo: 
Braided Hairband 

It's actually a hair band! Best part is that you don't have to go through all the hassle of tying your hair etc. All you have to do is put it on and you'll look extremely girly. ;)
Price: $3.90 

To be honest when I found out it's only $3.90, I told myself it's a MUST BUY! 

Check out this braid hairband by my friend Kasturi. Hers is made of her own hair. 


Check out my ultra cool hairbow. This photo was taken during a food tasting session I was invited to at Manhattan Fish Market. Will share with you guys soon!! :P

See..... You don't have to be lady gaga to have this okay? How cool is that?  

Product I used to achieve this Hairdo:

Yes, a hairband. They actually have a clip version of this but I wanted a hairband cus I felt it'll be more "steady". 

Product I used to achieve this Hairdo:
Lady Gaga Ribbon Hairband
Price: $3.90 

YES I KNOW RIGHT. They're having a sale now for this item. That's why it's so cheap!! 


Look at that bump on my head. It gives me the nostalgia look. I like how it is! 

Product I used to achieve this Hairdo:
Bumpit Hair Updo 

I think this item is sold out! Haha, err.... 

Price: $4.99 ONLY 

It's actually sponge with velcro on top. I like how it camouflages in my hair. I've tried the other plastic "crescent" moon like bumpits and I really prefer this. FUSS FREE TOO! 


Err... Actually I wanted to make a bun with this thing. I know how to make a bun with my hair but after watching this Tried and Tested Clicknetwork video, I wanted to try using this because the bun that they did is super neat!

However, it was a failed attempt. Here are photos of Kasturi trying to make the bun. 

This is a failed bun.

Product I used to achieve this Hairdo:
Magic Hair Bun Sponge

Price: $3 ONLY 

Okay if you wanna see how the bun is supposed to be done, watch this video!

Actually I also bought another product but I didn't take a photo of it. Here's a photo I grabbed from Yes, it was also featured in the video I shared above. I like how it's really IDIOT PROOF and pretty! :)

You can choose to buy the products online or visit their shop at the 2nd level of Peninsula plaza (City Hall).  I chose to head down to the shop rather than buying online because I wanted to take a look at the items before buying them. Also, it's my first time buying such stuff leh. So I was quite excited!! You're not supposed to take photo of the shop inside so I took a photo from the outside.

Here's a photo of Grace with me. It was an extremely pleasant experience because Grace and her helpers were very polite and friendly. 

You know what her helper said to me? 

"You're very cute leh. Your friends got tell you that you are cute or not?"
"Errr.... *Awkward* No....." 
"You very cute!". 

Haha I only smiled shyly and said thank you. CUTE LEH SHE SAID I'M CUTE!!!!
 HEHEHE Totally made my day. ;) 

Okay fine. The bangs DO make me look ROUNDER. FML. 

Actually I also bought this thing that will automatically give me a nice bun but I haven't tried it out :)

In total I spent like $60 plus. Seems like alot but I feel it's extremely worth it. I'll probably go back to visit the shop soon because I want Grace to teach me how to use my magic hair bun sponge and I'll probably buy more hairbands from them. I really hope you like this post!!

Get your ha irstuff at ok? :)

To my Muslim readers, Selamat Hari Raya Haji. <3