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#26 Daily Rubenesque Special: Plus size cute panties anyone? ;)

Tuesday, November 22, 2011 / , , ,


The thing about buying online is that you're worried that the things that you buy won't fit you well enough. I would know. Nowadays, I make most of my purchases online because the variety is so much more as compared to the plus size retail outlets in Singapore. Especially, price wise, it's abit cheaper online.

So... one day I came across J closet Plus on Facebook.

I saw really cute panties! I was actually quite skeptical about the size of the panties so I decided to drop her a message.


She was really nice and gave me a special price so that I can try out. :) 


I also told her to bring in more bras but for not she'd like to concentrate on panties and see whether it'll do well, so please show your support. :) 

And yes, the panties fits me really well. Not too loose and not too tight. Really just nice. I thought I wouldn't be able to fit cus of my extra big and round ass. HAHAHAHHAHAHA I would really recommend J's plus size closet if you're a UK 20-22 like me. :)

So they're all $7 per piece -

Picked out a few of my favourite pieces to share with you girls! Especially love this 4 designs!!

Any 3 pieces for $20 :)

Waist : 36"-46"

   Leg Opening : 24"- 28"

Well, if you're kinda not into printed panties, why not get the plain set? 

I think this is very worth it! I mean seriously. Just like bags, I think we can never have "enough" undergarments right? Grab while you can ok!!

How to order? 
Email with your name, number of pieces and address. The owner will reply within 24 hours and it'll be mailed to you after payment is made.

POSB SAVINGS 107-69377-7

Check out the other designs at :)

Anyway wanna see MY cute panties??? :P


I showed Farah a pic of my panties the other day and I think she died on the inside after that. HAHAHAHAHA She was shocked and didn't know how to react. :P 


Beth said...

There's a lot of plus sized clothing stores here too. Let me know if you want anything. ^_^