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What's my idea of an IDEAL MAN. Well, here's a checklist!

Saturday, October 22, 2011 / , , ,


They say that every girl has their own checklist. Don't know if this will sound weird, but I've never listed out the characteristics ever. I mean, there are a few traits I'd like to see in my future spouse, but I'm always dating men that normally don't fall in my "ideal" man category, so why bother right? But I thought it would be rather cool to have the characteristics listed down here on my blog. Don't worry, I know that men who score well on my checklist normally either are taken, not interested in me or obviously don't exist. So... Here goes! 

1) Funny
Yes, he should be able to make me laugh naturally. Like he doesn't have to try too hard or make lame jokes. He's just entertaining like that and he knows how to socialise and hold a good conversation. 

2) Romantic
It's hard to find someone who'd sit down for half a day just to write a poem for you. He should be someone who enjoys long walks on the beach, picnic under the stars, just hanging out the the singapore river to talk and talk. When we're out on a date, he could surprise me with something I like. Someone who'd take my breath away. 

3) A food lover
No, when I talk about being a food lover, it also should mean that he doesn't chew his food loudly or eat like a glutton. It simply means that he is very adventurous when it comes to food. We'd try new places to discover "hidden gems" and bond over good food. 

4) Speaks and SMSes me in proper English
Yes, this is extremely important for me. I cannot stand it when I receive texts in broken English. And plus most of the time, I converse in English so... Yes, THIS IS IMPORTANT. 

5) Does not look down on the Malay language or race whether he's Malay or not
Don't laugh. You know how passionate I am about my own race. I know we have our own societal issues, but that doesn't mean that anyone has any right to pass any mean comments about it. As much as I converse in English, I love the Malay language because it's beautiful. Plus, my late grandpa and my grandma were Malay teachers. So....... ;) 

6) Takes pride in the way he dresses
He doesn't have to be extremely fashionable, but being neat is always important for first impression. No slippers on first date!

7) Understands and Accepts 
Understands my passion for social media, why I'm active online, why I blog, tweet, Facebook alot. 
Many people around me still don't understand why it's such a big deal for me. It'll be nice to meet someone who's supportive and understanding about this for a change. Also, it would also mean that he should be able to accept me for who I am. My personality, my fashion sense, my sense of humour etc. :) 

 What? The best way to know more about me is to read this blog okay? I'd like to know that this guy has done his research and is really interested to find out more about me.  :) 

9) Personality wise, he has to be REAL. 
Someone who's down to earth and doesn't live to impress others. Not afraid to be himself. This also means that he's honest to himself and the people around him. I'm looking for someone with a character and good values because that will differentiate one man from another. 

10) Takes the initiative to plan dates 
This is rather hard because normally guys aren't really the kind who plan. Normally I'll be the one planning. Sometimes I enjoy myself simply because it's nice to make the other party happy. There was once, I blindfolded someone special and brought him to Esplanade. That's probably the most memorable meeting meeting because it was really random. ;) 

BONUS: If he's chubby and cute. 

So what do you think? Is my list too demanding or is it possible for me to find someone with at least 2 or 3 characteristics which I've listed down? I think it's possible. I just have to look harder. Honestly, I'm open to possibilities. Who knows? Maybe I'll end up with someone who scores badly on my checklist, but at the same time he's simple and he makes me happy. You'll never know what the future brings.

"Although we'll like to know what life's got planned, no one knows when shooting stars will land." :)

You must be wondering why I'm suddenly writing about this. Well, yesterday I watched a movie on Youtube called the Beauty and the Briefcase featuring Hilary Duff as the lead actress. Girls, you so have to watch it!