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QReviews: Where to get Geo lenses online? Here!!

Monday, October 17, 2011 / , , , , ,


Some bloggers did an advertorial for this online store so I decided to give it a try, especially because they've got this pear of lenses I've been eyeing for some time. It's called Princess Mimi lenses. It makes my eyes look really big!! Not complaining, of course. Price wise it's also quite affordable. I got these lenses from Eyesation. :)

Here's Princess Mimi in Dark chocolate. When it comes to contact lens colour, I prefer sticking to colours which I know will be able to enhance my features. Don't really like looking like an alien with "angmoh" coloured eyes. :P

Eyesation is  apparently the only licensed Geo lenses dealer in Singapore. You know how there's so many cases of fake Geo lenses? I don't mind paying abit more to make sure that these are real lenses. I do not want to risk losing my eyesight. :( 

How do you go about ordering your lenses?
First order your lenses online at 
After that, you'll get a confirmation email from the team. When it's ready to be collected, all you have to do is collect it from the most convenient optical shop! There's 4 optical shops where you can collect your lenses from, Ang Mo Kio, Hougang, Clementi and Tampines! I collected mine at the Tampines outlet. It's just at the interchange near the CPF building. Easy to find and the service was quite good! 

After collecting my lenses, I realised that the lenses do not have the Anti Fake stickers. What are anti fake stickers? There's a whole series of numbers on the sticker and you can verify whether those are real Geo lenses by entering those digits HERE. Interesting right? 

Because the lenses I got didn't come with the lenses, I decided to email Eyesation to ask. Apparently because I collected it from the optical store, the lenses do not come with the stickers. They said I could email Geo korea directly if I wasn't convinced and I did that! 

Read this email!! 

Turns out that Eyesation is really an authorised Geo dealer! So I really trust them now and I'm probably gonna buy contact lenses from them after this. :) 

Check out this video of this youtuber wearing the Princess Mimi lenses, you'll fall in love with these lenses too!! :D 

It's comfortable, enlarges your eyes and I love the colour! Yes, I'll buy this again. That's all for this post! I may be plus sized, but that doesn't mean I'm not vain. :) 

Kimmy said...

Hi babe, is also a 100% authorized distributor in Singapore. You can check with GEO Korea directly as well.

You look great in Bambi Chocolate between!

Cheers ^_^!

Kimmy Lin Zhi said...

Visit today, an official distributor of GEO Lens as well.

Cheers ^_^!