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QReviews: Ginvera's latest product, Amethystory range!

Friday, October 28, 2011 / , , , , , , , ,



When I was asked whether I wanted to review Ginvera's latest product, I was so excited! Why? Because Ginvera has been coming out with fabulous products. The reviews has always been good and this time Ginvera released a new skincare range with Amethyst as one of their main ingredients! 

So... Why is it such a big deal? 
Basically Amethyst helps to enhance skin rejuvenation and helps skin complexion and skin tone. Also will hopefully make us more youthful. :) 

Of the 3 products sent to me, my favourite has got to be this product called the 
Mineral Aqua Gel. 


Okay here's some on my hand and I'll rub it on my face. 
WARNING: Gross picture next!

Yes, look at my congested skin and the white stuff. What's that? 
These are my dead skin layers. It can be applied on your face and other parts of your body. 

I really love this because I feel that it's important to remove dead skin everyday. Imagine having your face filled with dead skin, how do you make way for new layers of skin then? So this is extremely important! 

Price: $24.90 

To be honest, this works almost like Cure. I think you've seen that brand at Guardian/Watsons. However to me Cure is more watery as compared to this one. Both works just as well. But I prefer this one because it's always better to use this, and then use the other products that they have like the next one I'm about to show you. :)

This is the Mineral Bubble Face Wash

You've read about the Biore face wash which I've reviewed a month ago. Compared to the Biore bubble wash, this one definitely has a nicer fragrant. It smells so good that even my grandma asked me to buy a bottle for her. :) 

Price: $14.90 

This product makes my face feel moisturised after washing it off. Doesn't leave my skin feeling "tight" at all. 

Mineral Aqua Whitening Enhancer 

Price: $19.90 

I normally use this before applying foundation onto my face and also before I sleep. It makes my skin feel supple. It's supposed to make my skin fairer and more radiant. I'm not really sure about the whitening part on my face, but it definitely makes my skin feel smooth. 

I think it's no surprise that I love the first product the most. I like how after rubbing all my dead cells, I feel a sense of "accomplishment"! Like "YAY BYEBYE DEAD CELLS. GOOD RIDDANCE!". I don't know if it's a weird feeling. I definitely recommend the Mineral Aqua Gel. :)
Redeem your trial samples for free today! Click HERE --- 
Try it out and let me know what you think okay?? 


Anonymous said...

what a coincidence! i actually just bough the Facial Cleanser yesterday and read your post today!
now i think i should go get the Mineral Aqua Gel cause it looks helpful!
i have terrible complexion and i'm hoping that this brand will help me.
Wish me luck! ;)

RynaQUE said...

Thank you for your comment. Yes you should!! LET'S GET RID OF DEAD SKN!!