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Movie Mania: GV Gold Class & What's your number?

Wednesday, October 19, 2011 / , , ,


If you're an avid reader of my blog, you'd know that I managed to buy a pair of Golden Village Gold Class tickets at only 22 cents. Freaking 22 cents for A PAIR!! I know, I know. I still haven't gotten over it actually. Haven't read the blogpost? Okay here you go ---> GOOD STUFF!

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So... I went out on Sunday to Vivocity for a Carlo Rino event which I'll blog about soon. After that, Farah and me decided to go for a movie because it was the last day of our holidays!


The seats are extremely comfortable! Love it!! The service was top notch too, I felt like I was treated like a VIP. Really. :P

We decided to watch What's your number? because Farah and me love chick flicks! What's new? Me being me. Hehehe so....

It's about this girl who is sexually active. The thing is, the men she sleeps with aren't kind who are "serious" about her. What's new? Like every other girl, she'd like to finally settle down and have a happy-ever-after.  She then read a magazine article which said that a large percentage of women who have had 20 or more lovers, can't find a find a life partner. She then looked through the list of men she has slept with to see if one of them could be her... true love. Helping out in this "mission" is her neighbour who sleeps around with many girls and doesn't call them back at all after that.

Okay I'm going to tell you how it ends so if you don't want to know... 
Don't read this part!! :P 


Well in the end, she finally found her ex lover that is extremely perfect. Rich, smart, yes the ideal man, but she realises that the person she loves now is her neighbour. The one helping her out in her mission? Yes, that's him! Struggling musician, has a 1001 flings etc. Wow, sounds like someone I know. Haha. So in the end, she ditched the "perfect guy" and finally ended up with her neighbour.

To be honest, the show is extremely predictable. But it's one of those shows that'll remind you things that are important when you are looking for a life partner. 

The most important thing isn't really about the status, the money, or anything like that. I think the most important thing is to be with someone who would accept you the way you are and someone whom you can be yourself when you're around the person. I'm still looking for that person who accepts how annoying I am, my weird fashion sense, my eccentric personality, someone who really understands why I blog, I spend alot of my time online and why I constantly see the need to be different from everyone else. (AND SOMEONE WHO DOESN'T TELL/HINT TO ME THAT I NEED TO SLIM DOWN. GOODNESS!! Like I don't know that already!) I guess time will tell. Good luck looking for that person who accepts you dearies. :) 

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