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Happy Diwali everyone! Here's our little excursion to Little India!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011 / , , , , ,


Happy Diwali to my Hindu friends! 

For the rest of you who are enjoying this public holiday.... HAPPY RESTING! You still have 2 more days to go till we get to the weekends. :P 


Last week, Farah and me decided to explore Little India after school. Kinda like an impromptu thing. We wanted to fill our tummy with yummy Indian food at the Tekka market which will hopefully be very light on our pockets.I keep mentioning this on my blog. I loveeee Indian food. ;) 

So... The adventure begins! 

It's been a long time since I went to Tekka. Seriously. I think the last time I stepped foot there was like in primary school. We were spoilt for choice! So much food and we really didn't know what to eat. Well, fine. The plan was to get thosai for me and prata for Farah... but when we reached there, we changed our minds! LOL

I got my favourite Mee Kuah and Farah got Fried Mee Hoon! It was really delicious!!! 

We didn't forget our Vadais. It wasn't that warm when I bought it. So it wasn't that nice. 

You know why I'm making that ugly face? Because I was perspiring like mad!!! It's not obvious in pics but my god, I was feeling so sticky. LOLOLOL My armpits were extremely wet. :P

So many colourful clothes at the Tekka Market!

Turns out the bangles here were so much cheaper than what I bought at Clementi. The other time I bought bangles for 3 for $1. Extremely expensive! Here it's much cheaper and worth it. :(

More clothes. Yes, that's my ass. 

 Their traditional costumes are so pretty but I think it's hard to find costumes in my size? I would wear them! Just that most are short sleeved. I prefer clothes with sleeves. :)

Here's me browsing through earrings. Haha wanted to get earrings but I realised that it was more of a "want" than a need... So....

As usual, Farah my photographer. :)

& Yours truly who was perspiring badly. Hahahaha

Off to the next place! 

The light up area. So pretty!!

Next we explored the Little India Arcade!

Here's where I got myself a peacock feather just for the fun of it. When I bought this, some Malay makciks asked me, "Awak ni pengantin baru eh?". LOL

Well, they asked if I just got married because I had henna on my nails. I should have just said yes to fool them. Kekeke No, I'm not married. What are you talking about? Still too young and no one wants me. *Sadface* HAHAHAHAHA

Check out this damn artistic photo Farah took! :P 

Anyway, Farah's mum wanted her to get some indian traditional kueh so we went to this Moghul Sweet Shop located at the Arcade. Being Malays, it was the first time we saw the kuehs so we asked the shopkeeper, (THE ONE I DREW ARROWS ON) What's the difference between Kueh A and B. 
She was so rude omg. "I can't tell you the difference. You want to know, you have to buy". The rudeness was in the tone of her voice. You know, she didn't have to be that rude. With the same line, she could have talked nicely and maybe end her sentence with a smile? I was too shocked to react because we were so happy having so much fun, suddenly this woman had to ruin everything.

Each piece of kueh is $1 each here. I told Farah not to buy from her. We're not hard up for your kuehs. We might be teenagers, but we'd like to be treated with a bit of respect. 

I cannot stand it when old people think it's "okay" to be rude to us just because we are younger. I cannot stand it when old people think they can do bad things like taking up extra space in the bus for their legs, cutting queue, litter or anything uncivilised and THEY CAN GET AWAY WITH IT BECAUSE THEY ARE OLD. It's damn annoying. Really. Just because you're older doesn't mean that everything you do is right. I know, I know. I digress. 

/end of rant.

We decided to go to another sweet shop called Ganesan Villas. It's at the Arcade also but it's near the stairs. The kuehs here are 80 cents each. The guy was very nice and HELLO IT'S WAY CHEAPER THAN THAT ANNOYING RUDE AUNTY'S SHOP.

I didn't get any for myself because I didn't think I would like it. Turns our Farah said that it's really nice and now I regret not buying. Lol

Went to the Deepavali bazaar! It was super crowded!!

Then we checked out The Verge. The new name for Tekka mall. It was my first time stepping into the mall. 

I was really disappointed because there was really nothing nice at that mall! Seriously!! Okay fine. I saw this SP Outlet and silly me said... "Eh How come SP has an outlet here?". 

Bimbo time. I thought SP stands for Singapore Polytechnic. Turns out it stands for Surfers Paradise. HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAAH Whut?

Anyway, here are random pics of shops near the Little India MRT, just go out via Exit C and you can check out the shops. I would have bought if there's gonna be special occasions like Hari Raya etc. Love the earrings!!

And the pretty rings!

Well that's all for this awesome outing! You guys should check out Little india too and have your mini adventure. Hehehehe

thumbelina said...

I find you very photogenic ;)

Gazel M. said...

indian sweets are so good too bad you didnt try some!

RynaQUE said...

@Thumbelina: Hello dear! I read your post about making 1 person happy each day and today, you definitely made me very happy. Actually extremely flattered too because I've never considered myself photogenic. LOL Thank you and have a great day!

@Gazel: Wah, you're making me regret even more!! Man, that means i should visit Little india again and hopefully try those sweets! :) <3

Anonymous said...

Hi :-) Do your arm pits get sweaty quite often ?

RynaQUE said...

What a question! Don't your pits sweat too? :P