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Fangirl Diaries: Happy Birthday Rossa! ~~

Sunday, October 9, 2011 / , , , , ,


The only time I was ever in a fanclub was my mum used to be in Fiknatic. What's that? It's Taufik Batisah's fanclub. HAHAHAHA YES, MY MUM. Years ago we went for Taufik's birthday bash at NAFA and after that my mum stopped being active because she's busy with work etc. Then again, I don't think my mum was that active then. She's a huge supporter of Hady, Taufik and Sezairi. Yes, all the Singapore Idol boys. Now, I've decided to try something new and I just joined Rossa's fanclub. Today's her birthday so the team embarked in a simple project for our idol. ;) 

The first time I knew about Rossa was through her hit single called Pudar. I remember being EXTREMELY addicted to the song. Hahahahaha I kept singing everyday. I also remember being breathless after singing the song. Please.Don't.Laugh. :P  

After that I started to listen to more songs from her like Tegar, Sakura, Atas Nama Cinta, Hati Yang Kau sakiti and many more. I've fallen in love with her voice. She's so beautiful! <3 

I'm not, you know that hardcore fan yet but who knows, after joining I'll be just like the other girls. :P 

Here's a present from the Pecinta Rossa Singapore girls. (and boys haha) ENJOY!

Are you a fan of Rossa and keen in joining Pecinta Rossa SG? If you are, comment here and leave your contact details!