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Guest Blogger Appearance at the Launch of the Carlo Rino's Fairy Tale series!

Sunday, October 23, 2011 / , , , , ,


Before heading to GV Gold Class to catch What's your number?, last Sunday, I was invited to an event at Vivocity for a guest blogger appearance. This event was quite different from the rest of the events I've been to. This time, 4 bloggers including me were invited to share with the shoppers at Vivocity about our own styles and what kind of bags we normally go for. 

Gotta thank Farah for coming down to accompany me and at the same time help me take my photos! She's the best. :) <3 

Before the sharing session started, we were allowed to hang around and check out the Carlo Rino bags. Check out these pretty stuff! 

I've always wanted a bag like this. So pretty! 

Always don't be afraid to choose bold colours for your bags! I love this bag because it's red. It looks like pink in this picture but it's actually red. Something I'll definitely buy. 

Ah.... A red wallet to match my red lips! ;)

This is my favourite bag from Carlo Rino's Satin Fairy Tale collection. 

Here are another 2 cute bags from the Carlo Rino Fairy Tale collection. One's in pink, the other in purple. So cute! It's abit too small for me. If it's abit bigger, I'll definitely wear it. :)

Looking for round bags? Yes, they have it! 

I've never seen bags in this shape so it's definitely very unique, although I wish they had it in Chilli red. The one in the middle is more of orange-y. 

Here's more bags from the Fairy Tale Collection. These bags are limited edition! You must be wondering, what design is that? Well, it's actually a sketch painting of a fairy in a spring garden. It has this romance and magic feel and somehow I feel that it appeals more to the younger crowd, most probably young adults like me! 

For me, I prefer the handle of the bag to be in brown colour. :) 

Soon, the style session began. Here's bloggers Dblchin and Moonberry sharing about their favourite bag from the Fairy Tale collection. 

And here's.... yours truly with her favourite bag from the collection. 

Let me try to remember what I shared with the audience that day..... 

Well, for me I'm always looking for a big bag. I rarely use small bags because I bring ALOT of things everywhere. Trust me. It's especially important to get a pretty + big bag because normally I go for blogger events straight after school, so I need to make sure my bag has enough space for my notes, my iPhone charger, my make up, perfume, hair serum etc. YES AND THE LIST GOES ON. 

Here's me with another Carlo Rino bag that I really like. 

It's big and it's in PINK! 

It's definitely something vibrant which brings out my personality. I always believe that for girls with a huge body frame like me, we look very weird carrying teeny weeny bags. So I say, leave the small bags for the other girls. Big girls, go grab a big bag! 

I know how some people are very reserved when it comes to choosing bags. They like some other bag but they're worried they won't be able to "pull it off". Worse, "I'm scared people will give me the stares if I bought that red bag". Sometimes, all we need is a change. Try something new for once. Be brave! 

Been a long time since I was on stage, suddenly I missed being an emcee. It's okay I'm hosting an event next month!! Kekeke Feels abit weird because this time I'm not the emcee and I'm the one answering questions instead of asking questions. But I HAD FUN!! :) 

Thank you Carlo Rino for the invite and the wallet. Very honoured to share the stage with very established bloggers. Felt awkward because I'm just a small fry blogger! ^<^

Here's a photo with Dblchin, one of my favourite beauty bloggers. She has red hair! Like Ariel the mermaid!! :P 

Carlo Rino bags can normally be found at Isetan, BHG, Tangs, Metro etc. However, if you feel like visiting the Carlo Rino Boutiques, head on to.. 

#02-30 Jurong Point Shopping Centre, 1 Jurong West Central 2
#01-11 Northpoint Shopping Centre, 930 Yishun Avenue 2
#026-037 Departure/Check-in Hall South, Terminal 2, Singapore Changi Airport

And don't forget to LIKE Carlo Rino on Facebook to keep yourself updated!

Once again thank you Farah for being my awesome photographer. You know I love you loads! 

Trina said...

Those bags are gorgeous!! I really loved the fairy tale satin one with the brown handles too, even if I'm a full blown adult :) Chinese calendar

RynaQUE said...

:) Thanks for dropping by Trina!