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Fangirl Diaries: My first time seeing @MynameisRossa in real life!

Saturday, October 15, 2011 / , , , ,


You might have read a post about Rossa's birthday HERE: ;)

I'm sorry for the quality of pics you're about to see in this post. Of all days, yours truly forgot to put BATTERY IN HER CAMERA, It just HAD to be the day when she'll finally be able to see her idol in real life. I know right?! I must have been too excited. :(

On Wednesday, Rossa was scheduled to come to SG, so the PRSG girls went to the airport to welcome her! I was extremely nervous because it was the first time that I'm meeting the other PRSG girls and even... the lady herself, ROSSA!! The girls bought this HUGE carebear for Rossa, we shared the cost so heavy on our pockets. We really hope Rossa likes it. ;)

Here's Aqil. The man in charge of giving Rossa the flowers. He's gonna grow up to be a young fine man. ;)

The spongebob thing is a actually a watch. We bought that for Rizky, Rossa's son! :) 

I was telling Farah, my close friend about how I went to the airport to meet the other PRSG girls and I failed to take a photo with her and she replied that "I failed as a fangirl". HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Damn. Farah's cousin Jamilah is a big huge supporter of the local artistes here and I didn't expect to meet people who are just as supportive as her! Amazing!

Okay the rest of my photos are extremely shitty.... So I grabbed photos from the other girls...

Photos by Nunu

Group photos!

Nunu, her nephew and me. :)

 Photos by Adda

Photos by Hamidah 

I didn't get to go to her concert yesterday but it's okay. Hopefully Rossa visits Singapore again and we can meet her and I can FINALLY get a pic with her LOL!! :) <3 

Pecinta Rossa SG, thank you for the funny whatsapp messages and this awesome friendship! It has been a blast getting to know every single one of you. Kopi and karaoke soon? Ku menunggu the day okay!! HEHEHE