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Birthday dinner with the family at Kintamani Indonesian Restaurant!

Monday, October 10, 2011 / , , , , , ,


Psssst! You've read how I spent my birthday with my bestfriend HERE, time to share about the restaurant I went with my family for my birthday celebration. 

I'm a big fan of Indonesian cuisine. Ever since I was young, I remember mummy and daddy bringing me to Indonesian restaurants like Kintamani, Desa Kartika etc. My favourite MUST HAVE dish? It's definitely Tahu Telur. Well, this time for my 19th birthday, my family and I celebrated my birthday at Kintamani. Yums! I've been to other restaurants which has buffet like Carousel, Asian Market Cafe and Straits Kitchen, so it was nice to be at Kintamani and....  I can't help but compare with the other restaurants.  

Kintamani Indonesian Restaurant is located at Furama Hotel. 
405 Havelock Road
Singapore 169633
Tel: 6739 6463

Yes, Kintamani is Halal Certified. ;) 

Here's the interior decor of the restaurant. Quite dimly lit. 

A bottle of cream soda is placed on every table. Please take note that if you open the bottle, there will be additional charges to your bill. It's not included in the buffet. :)

When I saw this, I screamed!!! Okay fine, I screamed inside. I LOVE SQUIDS. They're so yummy! It's probably the only seafood I really like. Not a big fan of things from the sea. Haha. :) 

This is called Cumi Bakar. 

Chicken wings fried in some spice which is quite delicious! 

At first when I saw this, I thought it was what I was dying to it, Tahu Telur.... But it turned out to be lontong goreng. Hahahahaha Yes I was disappointed. :( 

Since it was my birthday, I persuaded my parents to order Ala Carte Tahu Telur. Additional charge of course. Verdict: Quite disappointed. I've tasted yummier tahu telur elsewhere. 

Mutton and Beef Satay. 

Udang Belado.

Mutton rendang. 


Ayam Bakar- Definitely my favourite dish that day! 

The Do-It-Yourself Laksa booth. Since you can do it yourself, look at what my brother did below!!! 

See that round stuff? That's not fishball darlings. That's quail eggs! HAHAHAHA Yes, he major spammed his laksa with eggs because he loves eggs. Gotta admit, the laksa is one of the best Laksa's I've tasted. Extremely tasty and you don't even have to put the chilli. Me loves it! 


After that much calories, you gotta eat some fruit to balance it all up aye? ;) 

Here's the dessert. Gotta admit that the dessert isn't as appetising as Asian Market Cafe or Carousel. I guess it depends on your preference. If you wanna try Indonesian food and you want to eat-all-you-want, then this is DEFINITELY the place to go. 

I definitely enjoyed my birthday dinner with my family! :)