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Birthday dinner at Fika Cafe and Bistro!

Thursday, October 6, 2011 / , , , , ,


It's been a week since I turned 19. Yay!

See. I love you all so much that I saved each and every one of your DP's from Facebook/Twitter to make this awesome collage. Thank you to every single one of you for your sweet kind wishes via Twitter/FB/Whatsapp/SMS/Calls. I'm very touched. :)
I'm sure you wanna know how I celebrated my birthday on the 26th September 2011. My bestfriend and me are both librans and our birthdays are only 11 days apart so we decided to celebrate it together. This time we headed to Haji Lane right after going to City Hall to do my hair and to buy the instax mini camera which I blogged about HERE.

We've never actually been to Haji Lane much so we decided to explore that place for the first time in our lives. Hahahahaha please don't make that face. Of course we've been to Arab street and Haji lane. Just that we've never checked out any of the shop houses there.

Girls being girls, we took pictures as usual.

One photo taken at the Blogshop. 

Dinner at Fika Cafe and Bistro. 

My bestfriend was very fickleminded. We actually made reservations for 6pm and then she told me to push it to 7pm. So I called and a cute guy answered the phone btw. :P  I changed the reservation and then she said.... "Too early or not ah? Eh change to 8pm ah". 


In the end, at 7 plus, she told me she was hungry. (Okay I lied, I was hungry too. *Tuck in my belly*) So.... we headed to Fika and reached there around 7.15pm eventhough our reservation was for 8pm. 

Okay lah, cannot blame us because we skipped lunch too. 

Just imagine the gig in my tummy! 

I ordered Pucko - Tastes somewhat like Milo but it's from Sweden okay. Hahahaha
Bff ordered Honest Tea. - Which should be named HEALTHEA instead. 

Geddit, geddit? Healthy tea = HEALTHEA HAHAHAHA

It wasn't sweet at all, so if you drink it, confirm won't put on weight. Heehee!

Yours truly ordered their Swedish Meatball which is their specialty. 

It's delicious but I was freaking starving okay, so uh.... Thank god for the Potato which is the only source of carbo for dinner. Healthy, healthy. Very good. :P

My bestfriend ordered STEAK. Hahahaha I was shocked when I heard because my bestfriend is a small eater, but everytime I go out with her I tell her to EAT. Please lah, when you go out with me, there's no such thing as DIETING. Food is important. GOOD FOOD IS EVEN MORE IMPORTANT! Kekeke. 

This is A +. I'm not really much of a red meat lover but this was delicious! 

Potato Wedges in cheese or whatever they call it. To be honest, I wasn't impressed by this at all. It's something I can also do at home, so even if you are a cheese lover, don't waste money. 18 Chef's bolognese cheese fries is WAYYYY better. 

I was too shy to turn around to snap a pic of the cafe so I guess a reflection will do yeah? :P 

Besides the camera that I bought for her, she also got another camera which her bf bought as a birthday present for her. And look!! It's the same camera as the one I won!! (Will blog about it SOON!! Promise!!) We both have same camera models now. See, BFF okay! 

As you can see, the colour tones for both photos are very different. My bff likes this yellowish mode (refer to the photo with me in it) and I like the normal white mode (yes, the right one). I don't like photos that make me look too yellow-ish. Sorry, just colour preference. :D

Here's a photo taken using her camera. I really like the photo except the annoying yellow colour thing and the DATE AND TIME. I told her the date and time makes it so ugly but she doesn't want to listen. Hahahaha see, we are bestfriends and have similarities but our tastes are quite different also. 

Wani, if you're reading this.... This date and time thing is dangerous for pretty girls like you, you know. If some psycho has access to your FB and looks at your photo, he can always say... 

"On the 26th September about 7, were you at Haji Lane???" 
*Psycho face*

If you don't listen to me, wait one day kena don't say I never warn you ah...

Overall I think the food at Fika is quite average. We spent a total of $70 +++ for 2 people. Seriously. If I brought my family along, it'll probably cost us $150? I'd rather go to some other restaurant with that kind of money. At least now we know how Fika is and I don't think I'll be going there again unless I want to burn a hole in my pocket. Or if you want to save money, just order iced water instead of sweet drinks like us. Then again, each cup of ice water you order is 50 FREAKING CENTS. Seriously?!

Haha I'll be blogging about my birthday dinner with my family very soon. We had dinner at an Indonesian restaurant. DAMN DELICIOUS. So.... Just wait for it okay? :)

Here are some of the photos we took using the instax mini camera! 

Some camwhoring shots I took that day. :)

2011 has been an awesome year! I can't wait to recap everything! Can't wait to get the clothes I ordered from my favourite plus size blogshop Qiqi Plus. It's preorder so if you can't wait, please don't buy. My bff helped to pay like half of it so I'm quite happy!!! Service is good, price wise okay lah. Not that cheap and not too expensive. Plus size clothes that are normally "cheap" are normally of shitty material. That is another rant for another blogpost. Thank you for reading this blog by this small fry blogger. 

(eventhough you don't LIKE me in real life HAHAHAHA)! 


Ruiting said...

Hey babe! Love the collage that you made! And Happy Birthday to you again, in the belated way. :D

Stay pretty and cheerful!

RynaQUE said...

Thank you Ruiting!