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What is a big mistake people often make?

Thursday, September 29, 2011 / , , ,


Some of you would know that I was on Channelnewsasia's Blogtv yesterday. Watch it here (  I was really nervous really. You know how you're expected to be diplomatically correct than be completely honest? I chose the latter. I took the weekend to really think about whether I wanted to be on the show then I realised that I needed my say or else I'll never move on. Now that it's done, it's time to finally move on. This blog is where I pen down my thoughts and I hope you can respect my decision of being on the show. I've already explained to the Blogtv team last week that I'm not part of the main events committee but I was just part of a supporting team working with Night Safari's PR and Marcomms team, however they still wanted a students perspective of things. Let me emphasize that everything I said is all my own opinions and not the other students involved. The deal was that no questions about the concept and other confidential information will be asked. 

It's not standing up for themselves. Being scared of telling others how they feel. It's letting people dictate what they should/should not do. Maybe they forgot that everybody is entitled to their own opinions. 

I'm sorry if this will further cause complications, but at least I was honest. People can tell you what you can or cannot do, but you should always do things that you believe in. 

Oh and if you're wondering where I got the conspiracy theories about Night Safari cancelling Halloween Horrors, it was because I listened to Mr Brown's podcast HERE. I wonder if he has ever felt scared of voicing his opinions. Hmmm.... 

Cheryl Fox said something yesterday that made me think. When we visit the zoo, it's all about visiting the animals. It's time to stop associating the zoo with this incident. Have a heart.

Time to get ready and head down to another 2 blogger events today. I need a break.

Till then xoxo,