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A short trip across the causeway!

Sunday, September 25, 2011 / ,


Last week, my family and I visited my aunt's new crib at Johor Baru, Malaysia. Seems like quite a number of Singaporeans are doing this too. The cost of living in Malaysia is so much lesser/cheaper compared to Singapore. Here, everything's so expensive. 

It's been a long time since we went to JB actually. We used to go to JB every weekend to do grocery shopping at Giant Plentong, but ever since there has been cases of car thefts and slashing of Singaporeans, my family has stopped visiting JB. 

Yummy chicken wings! 

My aunt cooked for us Nasi Lemak. :)

Seriously look at their walkway. It'd be perfect for an indoor shoot. 
Haha those amateur ones lah what else right? :P 

Anyways.... A little birdie told me that someone actually called me "onion-ed nose" on Twitter. Oh well, you can't seal other people's mouth right? It's funny how she checks on me every now and then by reading my tweets, my blog and then she wastes even more energy by tweeting about me. People are so mean I wish I could shove a smelly shoe in her big mouth. Woman, you gotta start acting your age. 

So I might not have a perfect sharp nose. In fact, YES I have a huge nose. 

It's what I was blessed with. Sure, I'm imperfect. I don't have the body the media portrays to be "perfect". My nose isn't sharp and I might not have the purest heart of all. But at least I have real friends who care and enjoy my company. Another little birdie told me that you don't have real friends. Most of your "friends" are people you meet online, which is sad don't you think so? So.... Who has a sadder life? You or me?