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ReFa Pro launches in Singapore!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011 / , ,


Let's be honest.

As a blogger, I get invited to product launches and previews. I spend 2-3 hours listening to how effective/good the product is and how it'll benefit me. Sometimes, I get very skeptical about the product. Inviting me to your preview will not guarantee that I will write/blog/tweet about you. If I like your product, think it's effective and will be useful for my readers then yes, perhaps I would blog about it. Like I said on the description box on the right, "If you believe in your product, bring in on. I promise that I'll keep it real". :)

This is a photo I took at an launch of ReFa Pro in Singapore last week. An women who flew all the way from Indonesia greeted me and started to pitch to me about how good this product is.

ReFa Pro acts as a daily micro-current treatment that rejuvenates the skin and reactivates skin cells which will then give your skin a Refined Radiance.

So this is it. Really? Effective meh?

Apparently ReFa Pro is really HUGE in Japan with more than 1 Million sets sold! Did you know that it was one of the official gifts featured in the Official Grammys Gift Suite for the Hollywood celebs during the 52nd Grammy Awards 2011? Cool!

This product reduces appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, boosts moisture levels, improves blood circulation, tighten enlarged pores and the best part?

Shapes and contours facial/body lines!!

Adam Lambert is a fan too!

This is MY ReFa Pro. Yours truly was given a set to bring home so that I can use it on a daily basis. ;) 

As a consumer, I'm not convinced UNTIL I see results. AND AMAZINGLY I SAW RESULTS. 

Take a look at this person's cheeks. 

It's not that clear in this picture but Farah and I saw it with our very own eyes. One slide was definitely more   contoured than the other. That's when the both of us gasped and agreed that it freaking works. If I wasn't convinced, I wouldn't even be typing this now!!! 

 Now take a look at my cheeks. 
You be the judge.

After trying it on my right cheek. 


The best best best part about ReFa Pro! 

It's WATERPROOF so we can use it while we are bathing. ;) 

It can be used to MASSAGE people!! 

So if next time your loved ones asks you to massage them, just use ReFa Pro! You won't be so tired and it feels really GOOD. I'm thinking of massaging my boyfriend's back using this but I won't tell him that it's ReFa Pro lor! Then hopefully he'll think that I give nice massages and will love me more hurhur!!! 

Random: Someone even blinged her ReFa Pro! Pretty!

Credits: Gizmodiva

The ReFa Pro Electronic Roller will be available at all Clariancy outlets and is retailing at $490. Check out Clariancy's FB page here: and feel free to post questions too!

Click HERE to find out for about ReFa Pro. You gotta try it yourself to believe me!

You might be wondering why I'm using it on my head? It's cus it really can be used ANYWHERE AND EVERYWHERE. I used it on my head to improve the blood circulation on my scalp so that hopefully I have prettier hair KEKEKE. Good for throbbing headaches too!!

This is a super atas and high end product. I feel so honoured to be the first few to be able to try it!


No photoshop used at all. In fact, I no longer photoshop my pics. Kthxbai.

Ooooh the event was held at Arteastiq Tea Lounge. :)