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Looking for an Instax Camera? I got it for $95 ONLY!

Friday, September 30, 2011 / , , ,


So... Suddenly EVERYONE is interested in Photography. Everybody suddenly started to buy some lomo camera, some holgas and then... my bestfriend wanted to get Instax camera for her birthday too. >.<


I know some of you tried surfing the net, apparently some blogshops are cheaper, even GMarket is cheaper. 

Instax Mini 7s Camera: $95
1 box of instax film: $12
Mickey mouse mirror thingy: $10. 

(Actually usual price of the mirror thing is $12 I think, but because my friend wanted the pink one and the display set was the last piece, he sold it to us at $10!!!)

Well, our birthdays are only a few days apart. So this year, she wanted me to get her instax camera and then she got me like 3 outerwears for me to wear! Bff with her early present. (It isn't her bday yet!) 

We got it from..... 

Peninsula Plaza's The Camera Workshop shop!! 
First floor of Penin and it's a super big shop. 

Since you all wanted to know where I got it from, I recommended it to you all already ah. Don't say I never share good things. They always say, sharing is caring. RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT? There! Share already! :D 

If let's say, you're thinking of going there.... And they try to charge you more than that, then it's time to SWITCH ON YOUR BARGAINING AUNTY PERSONA. 

If you're the shy kind then too bad, you might not get a good price but to me when it comes to shopping, as long as you're the customer and you're the one paying money, you should always try to be very friendly and sing praises to the person so that you can things at a cheaper price. :P

The guy who served us was this guy. 
Shuai ge, right? Hahahahaha. Yes, I always use this trick when bargaining. I'll say to the uncle that he's very shuai that day. Or if it's an aunty, I'll say, "Aunty, you chiobu you know.... Discount lah..." Hehehe. 
Tricks and traits of bargaining. ;) 

Oh and if let's say they try to charge you more that what I paid, just say,
"Uncle, this shop my friend recommend to me you know. Her name is Ryna. The fat fat one. *Show my pic and this post on your iphone* See... That's why I come here because she say your service very good. Give me a good price lah shuai ge...."

So this is it! 

Actually when it all adds up, everything was supposed to be $117 but I asked for a $2 discount using the method I taught you and we paid only $115!!


Hahahahaha I hope my post tickled your toes. Go get your instax cameras now!! 

Anonymous said...

i was looking for an instax and i saw your post! i look all over for the pink one but they only had the blue one. =_= Gonna give this shop a try! Thanks! :D

RynaQUE said...

Glad to be of help!!! Let me know how it all works out!! :D

Anonymous said...

does it come with a warranty?

RynaQUE said...

Hello Anonymous,

Nope, it does not come with a warranty!