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The Kennedys Preview Screening

Wednesday, September 28, 2011 / , , ,


Right after the ReFa Pro media preview, I headed to The Cathay for the preview of The Kennedys. The whole series was actually played on History channel Starhub Ch 401 last week! 

 The encore of The Kennedys will be showed on History Channel every Wednesday starting next week on the 5th of October from 8 to 9.30pm.  :)

Katie Holmes plays Jacqueline Kennedy.

Greg Kinnear played John Kennedy. 

I enjoyed myself during the preview but I missed the 4 episodes which aired last week on History Channel. I hope they play it again. Any of you into History Channel? :) 

Eh, I managed to get a pic with The Kennedys!!

Check out the door gift!! Cool right? :)

Haha kthanxbai!