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Hari Raya and our FOOD!

Monday, September 12, 2011 / , ,


Yes, another Hari Raya post! Lol this time, mostly food pics! 

You've read my bread pudding and red velvet cupcakes review HERE. For Hari Raya, I ordered bread pudding again from Dessert by Quintessa but this time NUTELLA BREAD PUDDING. 
I can now die a fat and happy kid. Lololol KIDDING!

Delicious....... ;)

Lontong instant. Also known as rice cakes. 

Daddy ordered Kek lapis from Coffee Bean! Not bad! 

Beef Rendang  

Ayam masak merah/Red chicken? Hahaha that's the direct translation. 
Well it's actually chicken cooked in chilli + tomato. Favourite MUST HAVE Hari Raya dish!

Sambal goreng pengantin

Made of coconut shavings

Kek lapis


Pandan tarts 

Heart shaped cookies! 

Cheese cookies 

Chocolate rice cookies 

Nasi Briyani 


Yums! All the good food!
Probably gained a few inches around my tummy. EEK!!!!