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Monday, September 26, 2011 / , , , , , , , , , , ,



A giveaway for the girls!~~ 

I love being a girl!


No. The question should be, WHY NOT? 

I can shop till I drop.
I can always use the phrase "There's no such thing as TOO MANY shoes and bags" everytime mummy complains that I keep buying new stuff. 
I can play dress up just cus I feel like it. 
I can wear make up and cover all my flaws (well, and enhance my features!)
I can giggle all I want, I can take long baths, I can take my time to get ready

All because I'm a girl! How awesome is that?! 

Yes, it means that I'm always dressing up, always wanting to look good so that I can feel good too! We always talk about how we take care our hair, face and eyes but don't you feel that this blog is missing out on something very important for us ladies? :) 

I'm talking about our va-jay-jays. Huh?! Yes, I'm talking about your vagina, ladies. Your V-ZONE requires as much attention to hygiene as much as the other parts of your body. I know most women are shy when it comes to this topic that's why the V-ZONE is often neglected of basic care!

Let me tell you a secret. 

When I was still a small girl, I didn't know that you're not supposed to clean the inside walls of my vagina. So being an innocent girl, I would use the body wash and scrubbed down there too. Yes, inside!! And it really hurt alot but I didn't dare to tell mummy because I was really shy....

What you should do (if you don't know) is that you should either stand/squat while the tap is running and use the shower head to wash the walls of your vagina. (It's called the Vulva) That's the best way! 

Don't worry, I don't do use soap to clean the insides of the vagina anymore! I'm a smart girl now, that's why I've started using Lactacyd for the V-zone since I was in Primary 6. Especially for a big girl like me who sweats alot everywhere and anywhere, it's really important to take care of my V-zone! :) 

So now you know how much of a silly girl I am. Hehehe. Okay, so let me explain how you use Lactacyd, basically just continue your normal routine of scrubbing your body with body wash! BUT BUT BUT BUT don't use that to wash your V-zone. Wash your hands after that and use LACTACYD for your V-ZONE now and after washing, you can feel that it makes your skin around the V-ZONE feel moisturized, clean and fresh. (BECAUSE IT CONTAINS NATURAL MILK EXTRACT AND GENTLE FORMULA!) Plus I really love the feminine smell of Lactacyd. Pssst!! Don't forget to wash all the soap off properly or your V-zone might start to itch!! :O

Your normal body wash is not suitable for your V-zone. That's why you should get something that is suitable for YOUR V-ZONE, which is the really awesome Lactacyd Femine Care wash. 

These two soaps below might look creamy and suitable for any part of your body, but it's not! 

Using wrong products for your V-ZONE will cause itchiness, redness and the WORST BAD ODOUR. The last thing you want is the BAD ODOUR really. Then again, all 3 are actually quite bad!!

I keep telling you about the Lactacyd wash but I forgot to tell you about my current favourite Lactacyd product! Well, my favourite now is this Lactacyd WIPES! Yes, wipes!! 

I really hate how most public toilets in Singapore do not have the water hose(omg I don't know what its called) so that we can clean ourselves properly after peeing, SO THIS LACTACYD WIPES ARE REALLY AWESOME. So your V-ZONE can feel fresh and clean even when you're on-the-go!

*Covered my face because my face looked funny. LOL

I think the most important thing for all ladies is that you should ALWAYS remove pubic hair from your V-zone area. Do what you should, whether it means shaving, Brazillian waxing or if you're brave enough, pluck them out. :P I've never tried Brazillian because I'm still very young so for now I'll stick to shaving. Less hair means that less sweat/bacteria will be accumulated in that area. If you haven't been doing this, please start doing ok!!

So girls, don't forget to LIKE Lactacyd on Facebook so that you can register for a FREE sample pack! Also, You can always post questions on that page if you have any questions related to V-Zone Care. Or, if you're shy you can ask anonymously by clicking on the ASK US tab of the Lactacyd page! Cool? It definitely is. I see so much engagement on this page, I think it's a brilliant Facebook page! 



Simple, just LIKE my page on Facebook ( and post on my wall about what you like most about being a girl! Simple right? :) 

Girl power!!  ♥

Thank you Lactacyd for keeping my V-Zone clean, fresh and moisturised! 


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