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Friday, September 23, 2011 / , ,


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A note from Singapore's Plus Size Blogger

Hi everyone, take a look at this distasteful video by London Weight Management. It's in Mandarin and some of you might not be able to understand but you'll sort of figure it out anyway.

How can anyone come up with a shitty video like this, you tell me? It's distasteful and EXTREMELY insulting. I can't believe that Mediacorp allowed such an ad to be aired on national television. UPSETING YOU KNOW. REALLY LONDON WEIGHT MANAGEMENT? REALLY? 

Plus size women all over the world, everywhere yearn to feel loved and to be accepted and this video is not helping.If you really wanted to "help" us, you would have encouraged us to love ourselves, love our bodies, not portraying that being plus size will lead you to have a shitty life. We'd like to be treated with respect, PLEASE.

Check out Anita Kapoor's blogpost here. 

What are your thoughts on this video? Do you feel insulted too? Share it with me.