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Dear Halloween Horrors 2011, you'll always be remembered.

Friday, September 16, 2011 / ,


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I was around Orchard for 2 blogger events yesterday, so I decided to take a look at the Halloween Horrors advertisements outside Cathay Cineleisure for last time. 

Sigh... So many months of hard work. So many email exchanges. So many meetings. So much money spent on cabbing just to get to their office and it all comes down to this. Heartache leh!!!! To think about it, we weren't even given a choice. We had to accept it and swallow it eventhough its painful. Because at the end of the day, the message I'm getting is that we are JUST students. How much power do we really have to make such decisions? We weren't even paid at all to do this. We wanted to be part of this so that we could learn, grow and what do we get in return? All we wanted was the satisfaction of being part of a great successful event. That's all. And you had to take it away? Thank you for being heartless. :) 

Not like you would care but.... 

Time to get over it Que. Sometimes, people just don't appreciate. All they can do is apologise and hope that everything will be cool after that. Just one mistake and your reputation goes down the drain. We're the social media generation. We don't sit there and keep things to ourselves.