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Making A Difference starts with ME! #TweetMeetSG 2011 =)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011 / , , , , , ,


I think most of you have seen me Tweeting/mentioning about GoMAD on my Twitter, Facebook and I even embedded the FB page on the right hand side of this blog. Well, this is part of my Final Year Project. GoMAD is an initiative by the school to encourage students to step out and do something to Make A Difference. Basically, it's an umbrella brand for other current and upcoming initiatives. My group, came up with an Intergrated Marketing Plan campaign to raise awareness and spark interest among Singapore Polytechnic students. 

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In the midst of the executing the project, I received an invite from Kris to be part of this year's TweetMeetSG to help the PWDs (People with Disabilities) set up their social presences like Twitter and Facebook and even teach them to use it. Sounds like a great idea to me! They say Making A Difference starts with ME! Am I right? How can you encourage students to do something that you, yourself don't practice? :)
There were about 10 bloggers involved in TweetmeetSG that day. Our job was simple! Help the PWDs set up Skype, Facebook and Twitter and at the same time update our social networking accounts with live tweets. (<-- Definitely what we bloggers do BEST! Hehehe

So here goes... 

Everybody meet Wee Chong, 12 (left) and Weekiat,13 (right). 2 very cute little boys our new PWD friends! Yes, they're brothers. =)

Turns out, the boys are pretty familiar with Facebook actually! So Facebook wasn't much of a problem for the boys. In fact, according to Wee Chong, his brother is a HUGE Facebook addict! 

Wee Kiat, if you're reading this... Don't spend too much time on Facebook!! :P
In this picture, you see Wee Kiat using a white netbook! It's brand new! :D

So I looked through their FB accounts and I realised most of their details were visible to the public. I asked whether they knew about the privacy functions and they do. So I asked why they didn't use those functions to privatise their accounts. Their answer? So that we can seem COOL. Hahahahahaha omg cute or what?! 

Here's my blogger friend Hong Wei who was my partner in crime action for that day. =) 
They were skyping with the Infocomm Accessibility Centre's admin.

It was a really good experience getting to know them. :)

Technology can be something that people with disabilities can use to explore and beyond their potential. The whole experience was enriching and it's definitely very memorable. Disability is definitely not an inability. 

To end it off, here's a token from Wee Kiat and family for Hong Wei and me! Hand made keychains. 
So sweet right? :') 

When Wee Kiat gave this to us he said,
"Can you promise me that you will always remember me?". 
Of course we won't!

Wee Kiat and Weechong, study hard and make your parents proud. 
Weechong, you're taking your PSLE this year, don't spend too much time on Youtube okay?
Wee Kiat, as you grow older, you'll meet more people. Don't be afraid to mix around and make new friends. I'm sure you'll grow up to be a very smart man. :')

If any of you have friends who are interested to join IAC and take part in the IT courses here, feel free to nominate them here. Who knows they might be able to take the course for free and will also be able to intern with Tribal DDB, Singapore's top digital agency! HOW COOL IS THAT?!


Thank you Kris and Infocomm Accessibility Centre for giving me a chance to be part of this campaign. Being a blogger is not just about just earning and the free stuff. There are some of us who actually care. =)