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Lipstick. Mascara. Brushes. Eyeshadows.

Thursday, August 25, 2011 / , , , , , ,


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I've never  really been much of a make up junkie. Most of the time, I'll just wear my usual toner, moisturizer, BB cream, 2 way cake, mascara and lip gloss. I rarely use eyeshadown because I'm not really never good at it. :( So I was really honoured when Shopping District contacted me to review the products on my blog!! :) (The blogshop owner loves my blog btw!! :P )

See! New and fresh from the oven with the bubble wrap still INTACT! 

Glitter and matte colours! Loving the variety of colours!! The one on the left is Jouka's 88 eyeshadow palette. The one on the right is mine, sent to by Shopping District! Thank you once again for being super awesome. THIS IS MY FIRST EYESHADOW PALETTE YAY!!

Here is Jounka's make up for the day. I got her to help me out because she's more experienced compared to me. I'm still very new to make up. Especially eyeshadows. :)

We met up at Ion to do this. Lol notice the girl behind?!

Look at how it turned out! Wasn't that clear actually. :) 

So I decided to give this a try without anyone's help today!

Okay fine. I'm lying. I had Sarah Chaudhry (FacesbySarah) to help me!!! I mean her video. :P

And here's what it turned out like. :)

I notice Sarah always some pretty accessory next to her eye so I wanted to try also!! Quite fail actually. LOL.

1st try: Blur

2nd try: Looks ridiculous.

Maybe I should just take without any accessory. It's actually my very first try using the palette on my own! Well, sort of.

What do you think? Any tips for a newbie like me? Leave your comments below.

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With a minimum purchase of $20, quote RYNAQUE10 and get a 10% off! 
Valid till the end of September. :) 

*Click to visit!*


PS://Thanks Jounka for helping me out! <3