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GIVEAWAY: Who wants to win a new pair of spectacles specially sponsored by Crizal?

Thursday, September 1, 2011 / , ,


You've read my posts here and here, so it's time to experience Crizal lenses for yourself! 

Don't worry, if you think my frames are too attention seeking or not your type, you can choose your own frames. Before that, let me show you a video I made. =) 

It's a very simple and short video. (I'm really not a video editing kinda person as you can see!!) 

I need you to....

using your Youtube account


2) Comment on this blogpost with your name and email address

I'll pick the winner randomly. Good luck darlings! 

Nur Nadiah said...

Hahaha, I think you should pick me for the giveaway cos I need new spectacles BADLY!

I'm a clumsy person and even though I try my best to take care of my specs, I'd drop it everywhere! :(

My spectacle lenses always have horrible scratches on it and when I ask my mum to invest a bit more money for my specs, she would not give in! She says I'm a spectacles destroyer lol.

I need Crizal to protect my lenses against scratches!! Rawr!


- Nur Nadiah,, @nurnadiahhh

DEEBZ said...


Pick me, hehehe :)

stardreamer said...

Loved your video! Definitely support you!

Name:Valentine Low

Anonymous said...


I wnt a funky nice spec too =D

Anonymous said...


Dear RynaQUE

I have been moving around as blind as a bat since I completely stopped using glasses since say.. 7 years ago? I just think I look absolutely horrific with glasses due to my non-existent nose bridge. Boo.

And no contact lenses for me because I'm paranoid about foreign entities in my eyes.

Haha, so PICK ME! We can have a girly time picking out my glasses and bond over a cup of coffee thereafter!

Your fellow plus-size comrade,

Anonymous said...

Hi Que!

I really need new glasses before i fall to death during an expedition. Lol!


RynaQUE said...

Hi dears!
Thanks for the support. Help me to share this video on your Twitter accounts/FB okay? I need the views to increase! :) Thanks!! Xoxo Good luck!

Zara Omar said...


Love your shades, by the way! ;)

Steven said...

I want the CRIZAL lenses + frames!!!

Steven Goh


F@N said...

I love ur video!

I'm a teacher n I cant wait to c my students expression whn thy c me wearing a funky spec like urs!

Qi Huang

Anonymous said...

Hope I'm lucky enough to win this!

Name: Slj Slk
Email Address: sljslk[at]gmail[dot]com

Anna Ker said...

Hello Que!

HAHA!I think i recognise the background where your video is taken. Somewhere in SP Business school? haha. anyway nicee video!

Name: Anna Ker

Thanks! :D

yirong said...

liked! your video was so cute! hehe

pick me plss! broke my glasses when i was shifting =(


RynaQUE said...

Hi Anna!
Lol omg yes i filmed it in school. Hehehe :P

Thanks ladies for the suppport!
Contest ends on the 1st of September. Good luck! <3

Babyx-yaN said...

Liked your video :D

-Marilyn Chua
-Youtube ID:MarilynCWY

Musxzart said...

LOL! Love your frame! Totally brings out the fun character in you!

Very very cute lah!!!!


mizuki said...

Youtube: Thepunkybaby
Name: Kristy

Love the effect you do for the video XD

Tarandip said...

You could totally be a Crizal ad girl!

Tarandip Kaur

Thanks! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi ryna! I'm in need of a new specs and as yknow I don't wear specs because I choose lenses because it's much cheaper and my mum won't invest on getting me a pair of new glasses! Pick me pick me pick me!

Nur Wahdiah

Cherie Cheong said...

Would like to change my specs to a crizal one for better living! Specs are such a bane to me because firstly i need to have money to make a pair of normal specs, and normal lens are prone to attract dust, dirt and smudge easily.. Hopefully by wining a crizal specs,i can see better and feel better!

Name : Cherie
Email : csnc88[at]
Youtube name : csnc88

Rachel said...

Dear Rynaque,
I've always worn contacts because I feel that spectacles make me look fat and ugly and I was simply never ever comfortable wearing them. But seeing your daily posts on big and beautiful girls, I kinda wanna try them on now. I'm not sure but I wanna prove to myself somehow that I can be beautiful no matter what i wear as long as I can rock it like you do. So I'd really like this chance for a change, for the better.

Your posts are truly inspirational, daily dose of ego boost i swear. HAHAHHAHA Love your video by the way, made me smile ( :


Anonymous said...

Dear Rynaque,

I've always been wearing contact lenses cause I constantly feel that I look absolutely fat and hideous wearing specs. Whenever people look at me, I always feel ever so conscious about how I look. But you have truly been an inspiration.
I want to change and maybe feel good about myself, feel beautiful. So I would love this opportunity to try on something new, rock a new pair of glasses and show everyone that I can look beautiful in anything I wear.

Your blog posts are really a daily dose of happiness.HHAHAHHAHA and your video is so awesome!


coldkohmew said...

nice specs and video!!!